Never was I poor

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At one time in the ancient kingdom of Tulivia lived a young boy named Orenze, who was raised in a squeezing home of ashes: And he barely had a taste of the good, the pleasures, and the finest things of life enjoyed by most of his patrician friends.

Orenze’s bane of life

Indeed, Orenze was a lovable and easygoing boy, always happy about everything of his being but with bitter passion he hated the poor condition of his family.

Terribly down-at heel, both of his parents were not able to provide for him some of the basic things of life, which he needed as a young boy to keep up appearances among his circle of social mates. And this made him become worried always all his time of youth, even as a boy, that he lost his family prestige, being in the midst of friends from wealthy homes who would laugh and mock at his destitute parents gave him a reason to be strong and believe that as long as he lived would have his kernel of fortune cracked for him by the gods.

About Orenze’s Parents

However, Atinse the father of Orenze was a lazy thatch maker and happy-go-lucky drunk, the type of a father that would be at a Palm wine bar laughing and wetting his pipe, yet senzita his wife was a strong woman who would put herself out for the family working tirelessly on the farm of some wealthy farm owners in the village to secure their daily meal, usually one square meal a day; and these wealthy farmers at times would decide to owe her some of the few coins that she had realised from the labour rendered to them, the coin with which she would have used to put food on their table, and they would go to bed on an empty stomach.

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A few years later, it was on the same month that Senzita fell sick and was unable to go out and do her usual farm labour. Orenze was faced with great worry over what to do, and how to cope with the provision of their everyday meal and, then decided that he should go and take up the farm work in his mother’s stead.

 Orenze laboured to support his mother/family and is now blessed

Now, one day as he was working on the farm of a certain rich man, a member of the royal council. He dug out by accident with his wedding hoe from the ground, a previous stone of priceless worth of billions of Coins of Tulivia. It was a missing piece of the royal heirloom which had been lost for ages, but had now been found buried in the sand by Orenze the poor boy.

But the king of this great Tulivia had long even before the reign of ogzinte his second descendant signed a standing seal that anyone who found the lost piece of the royal heirloom would be given seven billions of coins of ritzat: Their traditional money weighed in coins as the highest in value against the currency of every other kingdom that was then, in their time.

Orenze’s family unites again

Orenze, blessed with the huge reward of his find became one of the richest men in Tulivia kingdom, overnight. And, Senzita his dying mother quickly recovered from the sickness she suffered which had seemed to be caused by nothing else but malnutrition. His father, Atinse the drunk who was never home returned home to, to become a loving and caring father.

Orenze Remembers his past

Meanwhile, with all these happening so fast, he sat down one even looking back at the ashes from which he rose to riches, shook his head in total surprise and said to himself.

“In due time, truly have I come up here into a place of abundance

And it is a secret a foreknown  and forseen fate by the gods that never was I poor,

Though amidst of hunger and harsh labour over a number of poor years.




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