The biting Past of Nana

The biting past of Nana
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The biting past of Nana, Short story

Nana Ekwesi, a beautiful black girl of an African descent in her teen was married to Jude Tuna in 1998 after they had met each other, on May Ist at Queen’s College in their graduating year.

Jude literally, was a philander: And as a popular, handsome man, then he was a heart and charm for women. He had a nice car and a comfortable apartment, therefore, was liked and chased after like a candy by a lot of girls. With his perfect look and muscles of a hunk, the appearance of a man that could match a woman’s ideal man Nana was attracted to him. He had strong physique and blue charming eyes; perhaps, the type that could have drawn her to him because these were those great qualities of the envy of manhood, which had become a cast hook for Nana to marry him.

Earlier june 1999, Nana took in for him and was safely delivered of a baby boy on 18th of March 2000, at Mullen gate Hospital, Accra. Meanwhile, on the same day that she had put to bed her husband, Jude visited the hospital to see her and the baby.        ‘How are you doing darling? He asked.  “I’m very fine, feeling hale and hearty”, she replied.  ‘ Where is the baby, I hope he will look much like me? “Yeah, of course, you are the father, Nana confidently said. Though she had not even seen the baby herself.  ‘Where is the nurse, I want to see my baby? Nurse! Nurse! Nurse! He called on to the nurse that was in charge of Nana’s ward. When the nurse came, she took him to the room where the baby was lying limbless.  ‘What is this, Jude shouted at the nurse. She was freaked out, and almost fainted due to the loudness of his voice. She was numb for sometime and practically did not know what to do or what word that would be appreciate enough to describe the baby, for she feared that he might slap her.        ‘Anyway, I don’t have any business with you, he said. ‘I think it is my wife that I should question over what happened to our baby.’ Jude stormed and stormed angrily about, taking it out awfully on Nana.  ‘Listen, woman that thing in there is not my baby, he told her.’ spinning his head and pointing at the room where the baby was, he continued. No! No! No! That is not a product of my sperm. You had better go get me my baby, else I don’t want to see your feet and that thing in my house.’  Then, Jude left the Hospital.

As though that was not enough for all his sudden change of attitude towards Nana, Jude went home  and burnt their marriage certificate, photos, removed his wedding ring, and packed all of her belongings and immediately sent them to her parents by a chartered taxi, confirming their divorce with a letter containing a lawyer’s signature that they had really divorced in good faith. Unfortunately Nana, her parents when they had received the letter and her belongings, they never called. Neither did they find her to the city, nor bother about the divorce since they had no idea that she was pregnant or had put to bed.

Some days later, after her stay at the Mullen gate had expired. Her hospital charges were due. She was to be discharged with the sum of  25000. But she had  no money to pay the Hospital. Jude had seized everything and she was left with nothing  _ not even her cash card. And there was no one around the city that she could borrow such amount of money from, since she barely knew people who could help her.

However, her condition was becoming too bad. Her days in the Hospital prolonged, and there was no food to eat. Then, the management having seen that she probably would not be able to pay her bills; they decided to place her on community service to the Hospital: To work off her debt.

Eight months later, Nana was in tears on the ….. street of Accra with her limbless kid begging for arms. It was as if her world had become a hell on earth. She could not go home, nor go back to her parents because they never had supported her marriage with Jude; and had told her earlier on that their marital union was not based on true love but build upon the basis of what kind of man she merely wanted for herself as a woman of fantasy, and not who would truly love her irrespective of handsomeness.

Now torn apart like a ripped cloth, here is Nana four years later. She had lost her baby. And now, perhaps looking for true love: someone who would love her while she will let hers reciprocate the love, and this would no longer necessarily a man of her choice and perfection. Moreover, she had learned that Jude never loved her in the first place, and had now remarried as soon he threw her away. Then, it began to be clear to her that the man, Jude tuna to whom she once was married was not really meant to be her husband, though  she loved him blindly and not minding if he actually wanted her before they were both joined hands in marriage.

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Those were Nana’s Words. “For everyone there is a true lover, but how sad would they be if they love the wrong person.  “Hope and wait, don’t rush it, if he finds you he will love you. Then, all you should do is turn round and complement  the love, for that is how we know who truly loves and hopes for our love.”



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