The black raven

The black raven, before the first seven

Of your cruel eleven

Whistled through your tiny beak

Your white teeth shun, convinced us and arose to speak

And promised  to  save  the beauty of our heavenly purity

But why are thou now  alone upon this frozen garden

Of fruits, and of no laden in hasty rush forsake the good of the thirsty

The falling skin of the dying sick, and the indistinct cry of the meek, in our midst rudely driven bare,away out of the heaven’s haven


(1)Explanation:.                                “The black raven” refers to some corrupt politicians in some countries of the world.

(2) Explanation:.                                     The seven refers to the first period of their leadership, and the cruel eleven refers to their bad administration during the first tenure.

(3) Explanation:.                                       The tiny beak and white teeth talks about their deceptive, sugar-coated words given to the masses at the pole before election in the guise of transparency and genuineness.

(4) Explanation:.                                      The beauty and our heavenly purity refer to the visualized state of the citizens’ affairs, the society and the economy in general, which they pledge to save, protect and preserve for the common good of every one, but in the end they fail to accomplish.

(5) Explanation:.                                     The frozen garden, fruits and of no laden is the comfortably position in which the public treasure has placed them, the easy life, money, good health and other feel-good factors.

(6) Explanation:.                                      The good of the thirsty and the falling skin of the sick reveals the rate of hunger, poverty, and poor health status of these citizens who gave their veto to them during election.

(7) Explanation:.                                     The indistinct cry of the meek refers to the unheard call and protests of the dissatisfied public lobbying to their government for help and rescue, while they are being forcefully (driven) chased out of the (heaven’s haven) the government House with armed security officials



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