The blue world, poem

The Blue world, Poem about the ordeals of life

The blue world, toss me up as coins are tossed, with this grim glue in your palms all is cursed and doused

In this river of brine, in fetters forever repent

Adorned and ruined, in split times we drink and grin, yet you can’t be rent

Oh, the blue world!   How amazing you are never aroused wonder you bring and doubt you have caused

Explanation about this poem, the blue world:

The mood of the poet is sadness

The blue world is a poetic representation of the world with some elements of sad imagery. It pictures the world as a place where we barely have the power to control (fate) what happens to us (toss me up as coins are tossed) that like the flipping of a coin we are indirectly controlled by the unavoidable (grim glue) force of nature which we also at some times regret being born into existence: Being under its  authority _ caused and doused in this river of brine, in fetters forever repent. Pathetically, we  agitate within, yet nothing ( yet you can’t be rent) can be done or changed within our powers. However, we can see the poet crying(Oh, the blue world!) Imagining why it has to stand silent and watch us go through this pain( how amazing you are never aroused) and trouble on every side. Full of mysteries and bottomless  fear ( wonder you bring and doubt you have caused) everyone is put into bewilderment.

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