You must envy success to succeed

Anyone who never envies success never succeeds in anything


Great achievements, true wealth, power and other most prized things of life may by natural principles be attracted to only those who crave earnestly for them.

Sometimes, you do not just have to sit by, desiring for nothing. However, mere desires also are not just enough to attract those things if not infused with a little necessary but genuine covetousness. But it really must have nothing to do with hatred, and as well mean no harm to the possessor of those things you would like to have.


Genuinely desire with intense hunger for the things you want. Covet them in others, seeing the great qualities, the spirit force and intellectual abilities that have enabled them to succeed, the same in yourself. If your College mate always score higher than yourself, sit down and dream of those high grades he makes time after time being yours and work your own way towards competing with him/her if not best totally overtaking him/her.

Competition is a natural thing, and overtaking is super divine


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