Raised in a broken home, Suen

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It began like a tale a couple of years ago after two mates, Marcos and meralis, were ceremonially declared  a couple by the priest in wetness of the church members.

Marcos and meralis had a male child named Suen.  Then, at his six  to seven years of age, they were all living together. They were a happy family, but it had seemed like Suen’s mother, Meralis was the only source of the joy holding the family together,  because Marcos his father was never happy with whatever she did, in as much as she tried, no matter how good she meant it for the love and unity of the family

Therefore,  seeing all of these unfair meanness and unfriendly character of his father, Marcos towards Meralis, his mother.  Meralis decided to file for divorce, and finally she got the council signed  the papers, in the end she moved on over to her patients’ house, leaving Suen behind because the judge requested he must take care of him and his education as he had claimed that Suen as a male child was his to raise and not Meralis, and she never quarreled with him over the issue.

     Suen’s experience after his parents got separated

“After my parents got separated, my life with Marcos turned weird. I became an utter stranger to him. He never was pleased with my presence again, although he had been the one who insisted that I must leave my mother to be with him.   Nonetheless, even when my mother Meralis was home, my father would do little or nothing to ensure that there was peace in the family; as he was not quite been helpful to the family, in terms of providing for my education, our meals and for our unpaid bills, which was more why she had to go”

     Suen, In deep thought about his life and the words of his mother to him

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“Mum wants me to be great,” Suen mourned and sobbed alone,  “and so she tells me everything that I need to know about being great. Even on the telephone, she will say be strong I believe in you. And I can never forget that. Mum loves me. She believes in me and I know that __ even though she no long comes to see me because Dad warned her to stay away from me or else he will sue her for violating the court verdict that he should be the one to take care of me and not mum instead.”

“Oh, my God !”, Suen yawned as he remembered the  warm feeling of his mum’s arms, ” I really hate a broken family and now, I am a victim of one. I can remember exactly how mum used to coddle me when I was five. she would tell me Greek myths and legends, but now. Dad, does not even have time for me, and always say nasty things to me _ things that hurt my feelings, because he believes that I was born a failure. “But, wait a minute, he stared confusedly into space, “was I born a failure? Well, how will I even know the truth? Besides, Dad does not even care to know me and he has never for a single day seemed to believe that I shall ever become a meaningful  object in the dictionary of our society.

Suen’s nature of home was the type that most kids would wish they were never born. Living with such a mean father was really tough for him but there was one significant thing that any kid could learn from Suen, and that was his courage to believe in himself. He believed also in the positive words of his mother, and as well as his good teachers, though he was not quite a smart kid at school.

“In spite of the fact, that I am doing as much well as I can to see if he will approve of me. Yet every effort I make seems to be going down the tubes. I think it’s tough living in this broken home. He beats me up for any slightest mistake that I make- even when I am meant to be encouraged like other kids who are at my age. I cannot even enjoy a dad-son relationship with my father, unlike my friend, Juon and his father Mr Lien.”

     My dad’s evil imagination about me

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“This is killing me, and I can’t even live a day without thinking about all the cursing words he uses on me. Mum, had left him because she could not put up with his flinty approach to family issues.”

“Now, the joy I used to have is gone. Because, ever since mum moved with her things to her family. I have been in hell, living with an alien, whom I called father. All he does best is to say to me, time after time.”

Marcos mocked and berated him. “‘Suen the only thing you were born to do is to eat and sleep”‘,  said my father,   ‘”you can’t even imagine what you can do with that your decayed brain.  Even I at the age of seven was an excellent kid among my equals. They adored me for my brilliance,  because I knew what they didn’t, and shared my invaluable views on general ideas and debates.

”’Don’t you think that there are things you lack in your brain?, he continued with pause, ”’the fact that, I lived with your mother is not a guarantee that you are my true son.  Because I don’t think you have my blood running in your veins.  Besides, your life is like a desert, and nothing good will ever come out of it.”

    Marcos embarrassed Suen before his friends on his birthday

”Publicly, he said on my birthday party before my friends, “‘Son! I would rather you were not born into this family because I know  your future as a cursed kid is going to end up around the dirty corners of this street. So, it is of no use trying to make yourself happy.”‘

“At that moment, my eyes got tearful as I stared stiffly on my feet at him with this so much pain and anger inside of my heart- thinking of a possible way to express it all on him. But remembering all that my mum used to tell me and how much I believed in myself with the confidence of a few teachers in my class who told me that I could make it with or without my dad’s approval, I speedily regained my composure and began to celebrate happily again with my friends.”

Suen knowing exactly how much he could achieve with his own unlimited potential if only he would never allow anybody’s wrong estimation of his natural abilities to to drag him down or turn him into a sulking bird all of his life , he resolved to be determined and hard working.

And would always  say to himself out of anyone’s hearing, whenever he said his prayers.  “Heavenly Father! May all of  his evil imaginations about me return in the same direction from which they came, back to the  hell where they belong. I’m going to become a great man, and I will surely surprise him, altering all of his evil imaginations about me. I have the words of my mother, her positive encouragement; and even her words of rebuke _ all that are meant it good for me, Amen.”

Meanwhile, he was growing stronger and stronger every day. Reading and keeping himself company with good books. Moreover, this was one thing nobody thought him. Marcos could have, because definitely would not have time to help him even with his take home assignments.

His friend Juon having fun time with her dad

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“One beautiful afternoon it was quiet. And sunny was the weather, as I sat quietly alone under the shade of a citrus tree in the front of our garden. I heard a sound of laughter. Juon, my friend was having a good time with her dad. Her mother Mrs Grace, was in the kitchen preparing meal. I could hear her saying. ”’Dad I love you. You are an awesome father.”’

“I am sorry, I said to myself. This is never the same with my own father because he hates me so much. And couldn’t even be with mum in his spare time when she was here. Although, Mum loved dad and cared for him, yet he thought that she had married him because of his money. But that is not true, because I believe in mum. She is honest, caring, gentle, and equally submissive to father but he is blind and couldn’t see any of these in her”

Now, after several years later Suen had become a man. He had graduated successfully from the college. And had through scholarship examination made it to the university. In the wake of three committed years of study he was working fine in the employment of a popular international corporation

Marcos was now old, he barely could take care of himself. The strength and vitality of a man had left him. And his money could no longer buy him everything, especially the joy in a happy and united family. But he would not call Suen nor his mother, Meralis because the evil he did to them could still  hunt him _ the guilt and shame

However, as a kind boy who would not trade the unity of his family for anything in spite of the challenges that he had faced, together with his mother, Meralis. He decided to reunite his family and make it a happy family again.

On the day of his father’s birthday, Suen took his mother with him, after he had begged her to forgive Marcos, to his father’s house. With some expensive gifts and friends, Marcos was so excited to see them. He never thought of their forgiveness being a thing of this earth. They were all happy and together again. No one else could have done this but Suen, because both parents as adults would hardly decide to try if they could forgive each other again.


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