Wise quote about ignorance

Fools in their ignorance die the death of ignorance, but wise men Sleep in the bossom of eternal wisdom



Ignorance may be taken to mean a disease in this context, which if contracted by any person who fails to learn will utterly leave them living a life of an owl: acting only by vision, a mind limited to internally structured pattern of perception, and never open to information coming from the physical, diverse spiritual and other sources, except for the self-accustomed pattern of reasoning or thoughts

We are humans and unique in creation only when we are able to allow ourselves to connect not just to already established facts, ideas knowledge or information but as well as to unconventional sources of this knowledge, to learn things beyond our mental boundaries.           Meanwhile, in reality there are no mental boundaries, but naturally every human being, unconsciously restricts their mind to thinking a self-chosen set of thoughts, and for this very reason there is a substantial possibility that they have alienated themselves from many other parts of the mind which hold the most vital knowledge.

Therefore, if there should be a reason why you are not able to solve a particular problem, it is probably because you are ignorant of the proper method for solving it. And this does not mean, that there are no solutions. There are always solutions but information, ideas or knowledge about the solutions are often scarce because they are usually wrapped around the same problem we seek to solve  .

At times, we do not necessarily need to depend on an already established fact to find a formula for solving the (mathematics) problems of life. All we need to do is, be positive, be open to new ideas, receptive to the environmental knowledge. Because the earth interacts with its surroundings, we must learn to understand that the solution to earthly problems are found within the earth but can only be accessed through our connection to the infinite Devine.

And how do we do that? It’s by thinking the right thoughts, trying a new approach to problems, reading and saying a prayer or meditating to connect our mind to sources higher than our own, for that is the only time we can become wise, overriding every rule of ignorance. And being wise means, being able to master every situation and problem, no matter how strange or impossible they may seem to an (ignorant) ordinary man

However, ignorance as something we must avoid has been discovered to imprint a colossal effect upon any individual or even a society which suffers it. Ignorance could be disastrous if one no effort to overcome it.

   What makes people ignorant

. Inability to read and write: resulting from lack of education

.Lack of information: resulting from ego, self-centeredness, or single-mindedness

. Religion: some Religions like the Buddhism, Christianity, Agnostic/Atheism, or the Traditional ritualism may be opposed to any information coming from sources other than what they believe.

.Opposition to change: resulting from the inability to try new things or new ideas.

   How One May overcome Ignorance

.Acquire education: education has gone beyond the scope of organize learning or what you may call class room education. Today, we can learn anywhere, everywhere, anytime. What is just required is your time and ultimate focus on what you want to learn.

.Be Open minded to whoever or whatsoever you come across each day, no matter how their sources run counter to your existing experience or knowledge.

.Try seeking knowledge from the highest force, the commanding presence, the Devine power of the universe, God through pray or meditation.

. Read always: search for ideas and knowledge you do not have. And always be willing to think reasonably when you find them with throwing rejection ignorantly.

. Be willing to adapt to necessary but reasonable changes. You learn more or discover something when you decide to overcome your mentally habituated pattern of thought for something new. But remember, such new idea must be one that is worth receiving, and not just for the fun of it. It must have good, positive contribution to give your life and future.

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