6 Proven Signs She Wants You


6 proven Signs she wants you, short love story

As human beings with emotional needs, we all just don’t live like other creatures of the universe without the need for a healthy sense of attachment, that is, we naturally crave for love and at the same time love another, in turn. However, this loving part of us necessitates the desire of our heart to be loved at all time, but because everyone is usually created differently and usually have a lot of things bothering them, it becomes somewhat difficult for us to know if they are actually thinking about us, especially when it comes to knowing if a girl truly likes you or would want to make out with you.


Now Let’s Get Down to Discussing our 6 Proven Signs She Wants You, Short love story

However, with the condition of our human life in terms of love and care being explained, I am going to give you my 6 proven ways you can tell if she likes you or wants you. In this article/ short love story, you are going to discover these simple 6 proven signs she wants you, even when you are not thinking that. These 6 signs are always revealed in every woman if you observant enough, and you will be amazed to discover them more as you become more aware of them. And they are as listed below:

1. The first sign is, she will become uncontrollably nervous or timid whenever she sees you or you try to talk to her, quickly answering every question you throw at her without even considering its meaningfulness. Meanwhile, she gets crazy about your Presence around her all the time: Her heart throbs within.

2. The second sign if she loves you and wants you, she will always prefer to spend more time with you than she would with the rest of her friends; and inviting you over to her parents home, even without having been too close would not be a problem to her. Nothing of your flaws or financial status will mean anything to her: whether you have money or you don’t have unlike most of her friends she will find you worthy of her attention

3. The third sign is if a girl loves you hardly you not know her secrets. One she would wants to confide in you with her deepest secrets, and two she would want to know more about your dreams, vision, and plan for your future _ trying to know if they really dovetail with hers. At times, she will ask you questions you might consider should be kept personal.

4. The fourth sign is if she likes you and you somehow sense it but not convinced and she knows that she will make herself demonstrate it in some indirect ways like kissing a stranger before you and looking at you at the same time to see if you will ever feel bad, scold her or get jealous. Like Chinomso wrote in one of his relationship books, “If she loves you and you don’t care she will make you feel jealous.”

5. The fifth sign is you will know if she likes you or wants you  when she giggles over every slightest thing you say; because to her ears and heart they feel all funny and amusing. She smiles and laughs over and over again waiting for your attention. This one of the ways she tries to make you understand that you are in her mind and the thought of you gives her joy; then you should run along to grab her.

6. The Sixth sign is, she will always look into your eyes whenever you both are in conversation. And it doesn’t matter if you are okay with that or not. She even stares so hard that you feel she reads your lips as you speak. Although, directly giving of this sign is often avoided by the highly shy type, yet she will always find it impossible to control whenever she is around you.

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