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Your future holds something for you, greater than your past. So, don’t let yourself be dragged down through the mire of your unpleasant past



There is no life so terrible and messed up as life constantly dwelling upon the roof of its regrettable past. With such life, the individual will hopelessly seem to have no option nor chance to turn to the other side of their reasoning perspective: all of their thinking and attention is now wholly focused upon what they did wrong, failed at trying and couldn’t achieve in the past, of which are nothing but some kind of experiences that should have always kept them going undaunted.

And as one with this sort of mental habit centered upon their terrible past, there is hardly a hope of survival in them when found in the face if tough and difficult challenges, as they always will succumbed to the shadowy belief, that since they once failed they will always fail and not make it. Indeed, this is a myopic view caused by one’s lack of resilience to stand up and dust down oneself when they are rudely dragged down through the mire of life inevitable challenges.

So, for you to stay confident and focused upon your career and life p pursuit even in the face of challenges without breaking away from the whole of your dream or vision, however, you must learn to forget the ugly past and trust to future with faith and persistence.


This post was published to help any one of us out there going through some positive decision challenges as a result of their ugly past experiences.

Though you might have made some wrong decisions in the past that had resulted in making you trip up upon getting it right for your life, yet there are greater opportunities of success awaiting out there for you to take them. And now is the time to get started with that great vision and dream that you have once had, knowing that it will impact your generation and the posterity.

Rise up, be yourself and replan your life for a positive and healthy life. Stop seeing your life as ugly and messed up. You’re Devinely made with no prototype. And inside of you is found everything there is to succeed in any good career you may choose for yourself. RePlan your life, think positive, live positive, dream positive and achieve positive.

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Author: Bluemagic