5 simple ways you can truly become successful

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Successful as everyone may want to become in any sphere of their endeavor, there are yet evident, five important ways through which that intending ( successful person) individual might have to consider the keys to the attachment of such state of a successful life.

And with the knowledge of these key ways which you are about to learn as we are going to list and discuss them below; there will practically be no end in sight to how much successful you shall become, having acquired and mastered them as skills applicable to any thing or dream that you may wish to achieve for yourself.

Listing and discussing these great, seven simple ways you can truly become successful:

(1) Preplanning/ Idea Identification :

this has always been one of my most successful strategies in executing any action or task that I set out for myself.
It requires gathering earlier on time, every necessary information and idea; and tools needed for your proposed objective/ project.

(2) Post planning:

this should take place in the mid stream of your project execution: as your planned project progresses , the next thing to do is to carefully analyze all through the initial reports of your first operation to fathom out if there be any lagging aspect of the devised methods/strategies, perhaps not working up to the expected level.

(3) Finance Injection:

There is a stage, however, from the very start of your project/business that demands not just the ideas you have put in place but some (lubricating substance) money to carry out your planned decisions, such as the purchase of service/production materials which are all going to work towards achieving the same planned results.

(4) Confidence Test:

Here you should be able to know how much effectively every tool you have used or employed in the business/ project operation is working; because baring this effort would you likely wind up not knowing which tool or strategy that needs immediate replacement in order to avoid any reoccurring mistake that could have hampered the progress of the entire process adopted.

(5) Finance Control:

by simply understanding that any thing you venture into is making investment and expecting a valued return is very important in business/project execution. The investment could be in the form of capital, time etc but what is essentially required of anyone embarking upon any task that will bring success is to be able to control their business revenue: knowing what comes in and what (capital outlay) goes out; and working towards realizing more than what went out rather than blindly injecting more and more time, effort and capital/ money.

Note: success as a dynamic term covers a very wide range of life pursuits: it could be business success, academic success, marital success, project success; and success in other things you may want to succeed in your life, but all of them boil down to a single thing which is becoming successful and having others believe us that we truly have succeeded in that dream or career.

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