8 good signs he is gonna end up with you

8 good signs he is gonna end up with you

For some unknown reasons, yet gathered to be true and common among guys, it’s become very easy for them to lose interest in a relationship with their female partners nowadays. Many of them may have even made up their mind to just milk the relationship for it’s worth before they meet the lady or the girl as their partner.

However, how can you know such a guy as a girl/ lady, if he upon your first approach promised you so much love and care? How do you really know he is not planning to dump you after these many years of romantic affair with him? Can you guess right?

Now, with all these questions aforethought in mind a smart girl/ lady will be fast enough to discover what the intention of their potential partner will likely turn out to be lest she fail to plan and decide for herself what she really wants in that relationship; and not what the guy or her emotions wants.

Because emotions at times if misguided may lead to long lasting regret on the part of the girl/lady in a relationship,however, it will be a brilliant move if she learns to keep hers in check, no matter how much she falls over heels in love.

Therefore, studying and understanding these signs to be listed below as a girl/lady you are going to be more than equipped to know which direction (your male) he seems to steer the oar of your relationship: into marriage or breakup.

(1) He plans with you and also finds it comfortable to bring you into his personal life decisions.

If your man is the type that never sits down to share his plans and future targets with you forget it, because that’s one sign he is not dreaming your being together as live partners.

(2) He can hold back his horny urge when you say no, and not go on to do it even when you’re not really feeling good:

Now, the truth is, a guy that really loves you must care about your overall feelings and not just sensing your need for his arms around you; but also feels it within himself when you are not emotionally fine. He also ensures that you are pleased to have his touch, and as well as comfortable about the moment you want it.

(3) He doesn’t talk about you unnecessarily when in the company of friends:

most men/ guys are in the habit of discussing the subject of the popular notion among men, which says, “Girls/ women are usually the most difficult thing to be with”, in deed he never talks about you negatively but will always say, “men,! I’m blessed with Jane and I think she is the perfect blessing for me.” Then, if they try to know more about you both, he makes sure that keeps them totally off the track of your plans and dreams until they’re established for them to see and celebrate with you.

(4) He must be jealous. Your man must prove to you, though, through his feelings that you’re indispensable:

It’s a clear sign that your man/ guy doesn’t just love you because you are his girlfriend but truly loves you, and as well as (wants to end up with you as husband and wife) wouldn’t like to lose you for life. He guards you always away from distractions.

However, this may run counter to the popular opinion that jealous people aren’t good for you. No, that’s not true because it’s only a guy who truly loves you that will feel jealous to see you hanging out with another man in his stead. Nonetheless, He doesn’t love you if he is never jealous and pretends to be ok with anyhow you behave in the relationship. It’s a sign he is just there for the relationship and not for marriage

(5) He helps you deal with your flaws:

A guy who loves you doesn’t just sit around and complain that you aren’t doing it perfect rather he helps you to learn to do it perfect. Because he believes that you’re going to become the mother of his children, he makes every possible effort in ensuring that you get better; and not just for yourself but for the general good of the family he is planning to raise with you.

(6). He tells you his secret :

He feels that most valued future plans are safe with you, he feels better that he is sharing with you because he knows that with you as parts of his motivation he is definitely going to achieve them for the happiness of you both. Meanwhile, he genuinely listens to hear from you what you think of his plans and may welcome any positive adjustment to the details to fit in perfectly for the two of you.

(7) He gets emotional around you but not stupid:

A guy who really loves and wants you for life usually may find it difficult to open up to you over how he feels, but when it comes to expressing it by means of heart-to- heart conversation he is not an expert because with a few minutes interaction you can feel it as woman in his eyes and voice: those body languages that are very obvious whenever we are around those that we can hardly do without.

(8) He indirectly asks you some questions about your family, parents and siblings:

Hardly would a guy care much about the background of the girl/ lady he is dating just for the fun, but if she is really the only woman his heart has chosen to be his wife, the first questions he will ask may read, “Can you tell me a little about your family? I mean, your parents and your siblings. Are you the only the daughter? In fact, he is not just asking. He is trying to know the background of his wife-to-be. So, always look out for these signs if you are in doubt over his decision concerning spending your lives together as life partners.

 My Advice

It is very important that you understand that marriage is a life journey, and any wrong decision you make at first may affect you adversely in the long run. So, I also advise that having read and followed these signs, you should watch out very carefully in choosing your life partner. And most of all, you need to pray to God to guide you in your decision to finding your spouse because he alone can determine the future, and at the same time he knows what is right for you and your future family.

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