How to transform your sexual energy into wealth

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The concept of wealth has gone way beyond the conventional idea of simple possession of physical cash/money. Although, it is generally deduced as part of money, yet it’s here further explained to include not only the amount of money maintained with the banking system of the world but also properties/estates: landed properties, houses, share of return on human capital investment, automobiles and other forms of property; tangible and non tangible wealth

Tangible wealth:

Tangible wealth includes all of those possessions estimable by physical counting or valuation/assessment e.g houses, money in the bank, expected rate of profit from one business transaction, return on real estate investment capital, lands and buildings etc.

Non tangible wealth:

One’s non tangible wealth may take the form of their ownership of or entitlement to an intellectual property: they may be the owner of a popular idea/concept, a best selling book, music or video; all of which if by thorough logical estimation and proper accounting arranged in single format will amount to their entire wealth _ wealth obtained through the productive use of their (sexual energy harnessed) creative power/energy.

Creative energy/power is nothing more than sexual energy harnessed and utilized in the proper manner of sheer commitment to one’s purpose or goal. It’s the innate driving will power to create, but an uninformed person may rather direct this power towards procreation or the pursuit for all time sexual pleasure.

This said force or power if misused by way of pleasurable indulgence in sexual activities will be lost in sweat through the pores of one’s skin.

What great resources your sexual energy may be, for improvement and great accomplishment

By innate driving will power, we mean the inborn, natural ability or gift of creativity. And this gift or ability has a lot of thing to do with your spiritual wellness. It manifests itself more when you don’t constantly violate the body. As it is the spirit( mental positivity translated) that ensures that the body and mind are in good condition to get a chance of being productive and as well as creative.

The desire for sex is naturally normal for everyone,  but to be enslaved by that desire for sex perpetually tying ourselves to that habit of being oversexed may be a highly negative drain on our creative force or ability.

The male species of the entire creation have always had their motivation drawn from the desire to be with their sex choice partner, and man is not exempted from this. Often times one may be motivated into taking a certain action because that’s what they feel will attract ( their person of love/sex interest) those who are appealing to them sexually.

What many people may have been ignorant about their sexual energy

However, you must be guided to focus such energy or desire on some productive activities that will improve your life substantially over time. Because of the fact that many of us are not taught how the purpose of this energy, they may spend their whole life going about impressing their opposite sex for just the fun of getting laid without achieving anything great.

Refuse to always give in to sexual drive, as it reduces your ability to focus on a given long term task for a very long time. Constant sex drains you concentration span, however, there are statistics supporting this fact. Your health and state of mental presence will improve a lot whenever you begin to cut back on your sexual activities.

   Adjusting yourself for this sexual energy to metamorphose Into wealth

Meanwhile, for you to achieve any (greatness/success) real results in life you must be prepared to control your sexual urges: learning and mastering how to transform the energy into wealth/ money by focusing more on your business or dream than hunting for sex all day and night. ” He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man: he that loveth wine and oil shall not be rich, quotes Proverb 21:17

Begin now to look out for opportunities or activities that can help you shift your attention almost completely from sex. It will not only allow you the chance to think positively and creatively but as well as enable you to start making big money with the great ideas and accomplishment you’re going to make by doing this simple thing _ learning how to transform your sexual energy into wealth.


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