Adstine’s Oedipus Complex

Adstine, was a boy child of an industrious farmer called Ezinne, of an antediluvian race in the very old corner of a fine whistle-stop near the hill town of Avieli , her husband’s place of birth.

Ezinne, as the name explained in her local dialect: meant a good mother who would do anything to care for her children, and would always remain a good mother whatsoever she might be going through as part of the challenges of her life.

And it was because of her good character in those days that the family of Edwards games insisted that their son Mr. Stine should marry Ezinne, for they felt that with all of her virtuous deposition, and sexual strength of a virgin, Stine’s insatiable appetite for other women would reduce to a zero percent, yet Stine remained who he was even after he had met Ezinne and they entangled.

Moreover, Stine’s appetite for other women kept whetting itself on the edges of the lustful stone of infidelity; and she would have no other option, except to embrace him in spite of his infidelity; and as it was the tradition that a woman would never have to complain about anything in absence of her husband’s love, care and attention nor ask for divorce, though she may no longer find the marriage comfortable, for whatsoever be her reasons.

And, unfortunately for most women of her kind in the same community, it was an axiom or rather a law highly supported by the the king, his elders, the youths, every household, and in fact the entire race and their tradition were of the notion that man was born polygamous, and as a result should never be tied to the love of one woman while he had many other beautiful women out there, unattended to their feelings.

However, in her passionate and industrious kind of personality, Ezinne truly was one who would take the strain for her family even when it hurt her the more. Therefore, In place of Stine her husband who was nothing less than an unhelpful father to his wife and kids, and a galling tightwad, though he was a part time school teacher in one of the earlier missionary’s primary schools in the 1892 ; yet Ezinne would rent and plough a big farmland, even while being pregnant, to ensure that she was able to put food on the table for the children and for herself, since he no longer eat her food _ the reason being that she had not enough the money to prepare his taste of meal, whereas he ate continually at the houses of his mistresses.

On this farmland she would cultivate cassava, cocoa yam, traditional yam and all forms of edible vegetables _ she had adopted the mixed farming method, which was quite common as well typical of the African farmers.

Ezinne in all of her efforts to cater for the family, Adstine even as a kid knew exactly his mother’s struggle and what ultimate sacrifices that she was making each day to keep them surviving just like everyone else in the land; and as her first male child, he was always tagging along his mother around: on her path to the farm and her way back home, and on her path to the market; and on her path to the stream to fetch water as to prepare meal for the evening after returning from the farm , virtually anywhere that Ezinne would go.

However, being a child at that tender age of about 12, he began to feel love, very deeply for his mother; gradually in no distant time his feelings for her grew into strong romantic feelings, that at times he would stare lustfully at his Mom, although Ezinne never realized this.
But who could say why? maybe this feeling had been sparked by the reason that he was often being
the one around (Ezinne) her, to watch her laugh and cry whenever she was downbeat and her spirit broken.

Adstine, then seeing how much troubled and hopeless she was feeling from afar, would pull over his chair to hers as they sat in the kitchen over a large stone that she picked up from the farm for cracking kernels while she prepared their dinner; and looking emotionally into his mother’s eyes he would say, ” Mom stop crying, Adstine loves you,” and then in spite of how much overwhelmed Ezinne was she would definitely find a reason to wipe her tears looking upbeat again.

This feelings he had for his mother had grown far on in his heart over time, given the fact that even his father Mr. Stine as a teacher was one only popular with his fellow educated friends and preferred his job and fellas over his family; a man about town, and the life and soul of the party _ spending all night on the tiles with the foreign masters who came to colonize the state.

Although, Ezinne could see this in his eyes, yet she was not much convinced about what she imagined, since she never knew that a child could develop such a jealous sensation about his own mother, to the extent that he would do any thing to protect her even against her own husband.

Mr. Stine came back from a ballroom one day in the deep of the night, as was the life of most teachers in his time, with another woman from the club to make love to her. Meanwhile, Adstine was half awake and half asleep at the same time that night.

But he saw everything that his father did with the lady that night and pretended that nothing ever happened until the next morning when he came to give his Mom the usual peck on her cheek, that he stood up from where he sat, and rushed him by the tie. With the fierce look in his eyes he began yelling at him, ” you cheat and uncaring husband, I hope you should have been satisfied with the other woman you slept with last night and leave my mom alone.” Since you have stopped giving us the care that we deserve, especially to her, I think we have learned to take care of ourselves. Besides, you have lost the rights that you used to have over her, and as long as I’m concerned you are leaving us immediately. And no one is going to change this decision.

Nonetheless, for over an hour his hands were still tightly gripping his father’s neck by the tie. And with his mother and the neighbors all surrendered them, begging, ” Please, Adstine you would do well to release your father’s neck. He is suffocating, and the only thing that will help resolve your issues, is to sit down and talk it through, ok?
Yet, his hand got tighter and tighter until two elderly men managed to carefully loosen his hands off his father’s neck.

Then, after series of severe arguments and near fight between Adstine and his father, the neighbours they all sat down round in circle everyone together to settle the issue between him and Mr. Stine his father, and in the end they found out that, though, Mr. Stine went in with another woman of which Ezinne did not openly frown at. Yet, that that was not actually the only main reason why the boy was at dagger’s drawn with his father, but his love for Ezinne his mother which had grown just beyond the ordinary love that existed between mother and son.

“Adstine, is right to feel jealous about any man touching his mother, and to love his mother anyway”, said a wise elderly man in their midst, “since his father cannot do that for his own wife let him love her”. Now, after hearing the wise man said this, and seeing how angry Adstine was, Mr. Stine felt remorseful within himself and began to apologize to his family, as tears of pity and shame welled up and cascaded gently down his cheeks.


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