Don’t make a stranger of a very old self, my Angeles


Don’t make a stranger of a very old self, my Angeles

Like parallel lines we never meet, Angeles, though so close we always get
Our love deep but only in the lines of heart it’s ever felt

How wishing, Angeles, love comes very, waiting for this angelic moment of our lives’ course

I dream of us , our love a million times there without you, Angeles, my heart stolen from me and my voice

Hear again,our soul, Angeles, communicate, yet again you make my heart break and, again my heart breaks
In our hearts, however, it’s deeply felt

Truly, we are fated to be together if you’ll make no more stranger of a very old self



This poem is about two lovers who never come together, yet were in love: Where Angeles’s admirer is secretly in love with her,  but never opens up to her. And Angeles, is the woman with whom this young man is secretly in love.

Funnily enough, she also is secretly in love with him. And though they never tell each other of their deep affections for each other. Yet, they are dying inside of themselves, with him  feeling much more heartbroken; and wishing that (Angeles) could (stop making a stranger of a very old self) just feel the same way he’s feeling for her, since it’s been long that they realize from inside of their own hearts that they love each.

Now, the question being this, “Who’ll be the first person to take a bold step in convincing the other and winning their love, since they know that they both love each other from the inside?


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