Understanding what truly is

Understanding what truly is

Lies are adorned and adored by the living, but only among the spirit is the truth revered and worshipped. 

Man and his reality

The world of man, to him,  at times appears to be impossible to fully understand what is, and what isn’t. Yet, the truth still lies underneath the fact that what the eyes of our physical perception cannot see is greater than what we merely know.

 The reality of man’s fate is known by the spirit

However, though we don’t know this, because of our in ability to see beyond the reality of our mortality; nonetheless, these things are known and seen by the (dead) spirits. They now know the truth, understanding what is, and what was said to be before and after their transition to immortality, therefore, now upholds above all else, unlike the humans.

Man’s subconsciousness is the spiritual part of him foreseeing the future, but he doesn’t realise this until death

Because they have now been transformed into the undying form, and are now able to access both the visible and invisible realities; they know the truth regarding everything that we have ever been told of, by the intelligent mind of subconsciousness, which perhaps will be said to be one with God who holds the whole truth pertaining to our creation, existence, immortality and the transformation after life


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