Our love’ a closed page

Edu is a young man known to be sparing with his words. He is handsome and has a face like an angel pinned to the stars, his bears fresh and, his eyes and skin pristinely attractive, save for his excellent way of wooing ladies with so many fine words without an unprofessional pauses in his speech, so long as the time may take him in the course of winning their love

Edu, in isles looks at his best, but in anger at worst, he loves birds and lovers of birds ‘women , and has little lust after a moment with self alone, as he is one never to be bored by the worries of life

At the glaring light of day, on a certain day, in the Month of such period, is a girl of a fair complexion come to the vision of Edu , sleek hair, tender feet and alluring lips. With a breath of fresh air, he winks an eye at her, grabbing her hand in a romantic rush, he pulls away from where his feet be and, kisses the back of her hand. And she smiles, melting with joy upon her countenance like an ice on cupcakes

“How are you Nne, asks Edu?” “I’m fine, she replies.” Hm! It’s ok. What is your name, Edu tries to enquire of her again.” “Oh! she exclaims. “Well, my name is Ejije. Ejije, is your name? Yes she answers. “OK, Ejije your beauty cuts a pretty dash, and I can’t miss it for the world, Edu adds.

“Thank you, in high confidence she says joyfully, expecting more of such words from him. Then, Edu continues, “I hope you don’t mind me, if I say, I love you, Ejije? “No, she replies to him.
” From the very minute I saw you,” Edu spontaneously accounts of his feelings for her, “my whole sense of love reacted to the very being of your beauty and perfection. “Wow, Oh my dear! that’s awesome, she responds elatedly.

A few days onwards, they are knit together in love with each other, and their feelings deepens; and then it appears like Edu has found the ideal woman that he ever has dreamed of. Ejije has seemed to have been the best thing that has ever happened to him: he can’t stop thinking about her all day and, always reassuring himself in the lookinglass that it’s all gonna end in marriage, as long they truly love each other.

Wishes O’ wishes for horses, not the beggars’ Wish, Edu never will like to have a friend to all, never! But unfortunately for him, Ejije is an easygoing type and a friend to many male folks, which is an issue to be considered, on the part of her lover, Edu.

Ejije in her nature to socialize with a lot of people, especially with the cute guys in town and at the clubhouses never will in her judgement deem it evil as to withdraw from their association, for the sake of Edu; yet she loves him but such thing she may find troubling to do, though he has complained every so often.

Now, one night, as though his worst fear is being realized, Edu at the beat of heart begins to imaging where Ejije could be at such an unearthly hour of the night, that he gets up from the bed and decides to go to the clubhouses to search for her, to see if he might find Ejije with friends again, like the last time.

Now, on reaching there at the clubhouse, he finds her dancing in the middle of two handsome looking men, like himself.

Feeling bad, and in a bit of anger he jealously drags her out of the hall by the hand to caution her, then unknowingly to him that the man with whom he finds her, has a long time ago engaged her with a ring, which she never wears during their rendezvous but that night. “What an embarrassment, Ejije asks? Embarrassment, is that what you call it,questions Edu? Anyway, there’s no time to talk about it let’s go. “No, Ejije insisted.

The man right over there,” she says, pointing towards the young man who then smiles at them, ” in a few days from now, is going to become my husband. And I will appreciate it if you stop seeing me often. “No, forever, Ma’am you should say,” replies Edu, “because I will have nothing doing around a married woman lest her man’s heart faint like mine when in love with you.

“No, no! Ejije tries to assure him that she still loves him so much although she will be getting married to another man, yet he listings not because he is no longer convinced of her love.. And then turning round to leave her, he says, “It’s unintendedly unfortunate, that I will have to say this: That our dreams for the moon have become my nightmare; and our love, a closed page. Goodbye my love and my dreams, until Morrow my heart shall heal.


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