The Ankel of Languises

      Guaniva’s Decision for Ankel

Ankel lives in the civic area of Languises where he is given birth to, by Guaniva, his mother. Ankel being raised in Languises, has been in despair over finding a friend in the city,  although he is refused to learn the language of the town by Guaniva, for she fears he might learn their tongue, so then be able to communicate and establish a feeling of rapport with their women.

Guaniva wouldn’t want her lovely and jealously guarded Ankle to marry a Languisen woman if ever she would allow him to try associating the girls as a boy. She sees a Delila’s spirit in the daughters of this great city, Languises.

         The Beautiful Daughters of Languises , King Anatolia and their economy

However, for a question of beauty, Languisen women are a personification of elegance and grace: adorable statures, magnetic skin, spell-inducing feet and charming eyes; all of which can enslave and slay any man under their love witchery

The mighty King, Anatolia of Languises, for decades has been known for his liberal offer of these beguiling daughters of the kingdom as a bunch of entertainment presents to his strangers, and as well as wives for them to be taken: a cunning way he has designed since the beginning of the kingdom to rob them and their suitors economically.

The wealth of this great people is said to have its source based on their suitors’ wealth and treasures transferred from their various places of origin to their in-laws , on the ground of marriage. Marriage of convenience, if not best

As, no kingdom within the region is free of their disguised benevolence; the neighbouring communities have become afraid of allowing their sons and daughters to have marital affairs with the true Languisens.

    Why Guaniva wants no female Languises for her son

Therefore, Guaniva as a mother of one, she is desperately concerned about what choice of marriage, Ankel will have to make, regarding her feeling of mistrust for these beautiful ladies of Languises.

“These daughters of Delila shall not see my son,” she says, ” no! never will he marry them. I want nothing more for my son, if not to see him married to one of the beautiful daughters of Anchilo; my tribe that is where my father found my lovely mother, his wife, and they tied knots; and so shall my son find his own humble and guileless woman in Anchilo

Ankel, however, with himself anyone for this purpose is confined to the wall of defence against making friends with Languisen girls. Although, he naturally crave for their affection and association deep down within, yet he can’t have such opportunity to be with them because of Guaniva, his mother.

 Ankel, finally finds a lover in Languises

Now, at certain day, both Ankel and Guaniva set out on a day trip to the park for sightseeing by the rail. There in the train is a young beautiful girl of his age, Rose by name staring fondly at him. At first, Ankel does not seem to spot her gaze, until his neck spins round his head to the direction that she’s seated. “Ah, he exclaims as if it is by surprise.” Then she smiles, shyly turning away her face and withdrawing her eyes. To Ankel, the experience is amazing, but to the young girl on the train, it’s not enough for her to let go of his star-like, blue eyes

When they arrive at the park, just after alighting from the train. Ankel in obedient tone of voice gently whispers a word into the ears of Guaniva, his mother, begging her to allow him go ease himself in the public restroom. Now, as he moves out Guaniva’s sight he finds Rose siting under an Almond tree, where she has left her own parents to look for Ankel.

“Hi, you are beautiful, says Ankel. Tanchuna Zia, says Rose in Languisen language, in response to him: for she understands not English, neither can she speak nor understand English tongue . The majority of them, the Languisens hate foreign language, and are often reluctant to send their children to the English speaking schools in Languises for fear loosing them to English culture.

Meanwhile, when Ankel has realized that she can neither speak nor understand his words; he then tries using signs for her. Immediately, she learns what meaning he has been trying to communicate. And with her eyes glittering in joy and happiness, she then draws closer to him and they kiss each other passionately.


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