The Shepherd Boy who became King

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 short story, The shepherd boy who became king 

A long time ago, in the land of Uduma, there lived a shepherd boy called kojo. Kojo was a hardworking boy but his brothers hated him because they themselves were lazy.                                       He was the favourite of his father and always received good presents from him because of his hard work and honesty. kojo was always in the bush taking care of his father’s sheep while his brothers stayed at home to play hide and seek.

He would come back in the evening tired and hungry but his wicked brothers would not give him any food to eat but would mock him and say:  ‘‘hey, silly shepherd boy, go back to the bush, that’s where you belong .’’  So kojo was always unhappy.

One day, the king’s daughter
strayed far into the forest and lost her way. For seven market days she could not be seen. The news soon spread round Uduma kingdom that the king’s daughter was missing. The King was very grieved over his missing daughter for she was his only child and he loved her so much. So the king summoned all the villagers to his palace and promised that any body  that would find his daughter would become the next King of Uduma and would marry Fidora his missing daughter.

Kojo bravely embarked on the grisly search for fidora in the deepest forest of Uduma, short story, The shepherd boy who became king

However, this promise made by the king was a great opportunity for the young men in the kingdom who were secretly in love with Fidora to prove it, and to have the King’s kingdom also, but the forest was a dangerous one where the villagers had claimed was hunted by beasts and aghast ghosts of ancient witches and wizards who would kill anyone that entered the forest.                        Even many strong and valiant men in the kingdom had refused to go into the forest to search for the Fidora for they were afraid. But Kojo agreed to go. As a shepherd boy, he had learnt the mysterious skills of a night hunter, to kill lions and bears and to rescue his sheep from their paws and even to challenge spirits.

Now, Kojo on the adventure for three market weeks, he searched the forest of Uduma looking for the king’s daughter. He searched day and night, under the rain and under the sun at twilight and at dawn, he fought with spirits and wild beasts but he could not find the king’s daughter, for it was a hard search. He searched and searched and searched untill one day he found Fidora in the very heart of the forest about to be eaten by a mighty bear. But Kojo was a brave and fearless man. He challenged the bear to a duel which lasted for two moons. It was a fierce contest. Yet, at long long last, he was able to kill the bear with his bare hands and rescued the king’s daughter. When he took her to the palace, the news soon spread like a wild fire that the king’s missing daughter had been found. people came from far and wide to see her and to praise Kojo for his bravery. Kojo was raised shoulder high. The king called a feast for all the villagers to celebrate his daughter’s return.

Many years later, Kojo married the king’s daughter Fidora and was crowned the king of Uduma kingdom.

His wicked brothers came to beg for his forgiveness and he forgave them for he was a good king. His people loved him for his kindness to the poor and the needy and for his fair judgements. That was how Kojo the shepherd boy became a king. Kojo and Fidora had many children and they lived happily ever after.

Moral of the story: Hard work, bravery and honesty are key to success. In the middle of every fearful water lies gold and treasures of priceless worth


Written by Chibuzor Stephen


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