Patience is Golden

A long time ago, in the land of Umunze, there lived a man called Ikedi. Ikedi was a man of great riches. He was rich in silver and gold, slaves and servants, cattles, sheeps and camels, richer than all the men of his tribe. But he was not a patient man. Ikedi had a beautiful wife called Urenma. Urenma was a woman of stunning beauty and the cynosure of all eyes. It was said that her beauty surpassed that of the seven maidens serving at the king’s royal court. She was also a woman of great virtue and many women envy her, but she had no child. She has gone to the greatest medicine man of her clan yet she could not be able to bare children. Many years,  has passed yet she was still barren.

One day, as Ikedi was getting older and older, he  said to himself: ‘‘Of what use is my silver and gold, slaves and servants, cattles and sheeps if I have no son?’’  ‘‘Who will bear my name after I am gone? I am of no use to myself? ‘‘I will go into the forest and end my miserable life.’’  So Ikedi took a rope, went into the forest and hanged himself.

Nine months later, Urenma gave birth to a son but Ikedi never lived to see the child because of his impatience.

Moral Of The Story:

Patience in life is a virtue. It’s not just golden but such a virtue that can never be overlooked.. In everything you go through life in expectation of some changes and blessings be patient and faithful. One day you shall have it, but if you will not be patient enough others will celebrate it behind your back after you might have died out of your impatience

Written by Chibuzor Stephen

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