Tunde And The Bean Cakes

Tunde lived with his uncle and two cousins in 3rd Park avenue Ibadan. His mother had died many years ago. His uncle’s wife was always cruel to him and never took care of his needs but only kind when his uncle was around. So Tunde grew to be a hungry and sickly child.

One day, Tunde returned from school and met a pile of dishes with a note that read ” wash all this dishes properly, no food in the house”.Tunde’s heart sank, he was very very hungry. His stomach began to make loud noises like an old Bolekaja vehicle. He did not know what to do. That Afternoon,Tunde’s neighbor Madam Bisi was making delicious bean cakes. She was known round the town for her delicious bean cakes which she made in her house and sold in the local market. The aroma from the bean cakes filled Tunde’s nose. His hunger was increasing more and more and his mouth watered .

Now, as soon as Madam Bisi left the kitchen for the backyard, Tunde tip-toed to the pot, grabbed two hot bean cakes and put them in his pocket. But before he could sneak out, Madam Bisi had caught him by the arm. ‘’Thief! Thief! she shouted.’’  Meanwhile, the hot bean cakes were burning him badly.

‘‘What are you doing with my bean cakes? queried Madam Bisi.

‘‘Please ma’am I was very Hungry,’’ cried Tunde.  ‘‘I am very sorry for stealing your bean cakes, I will never do it again,Tunde pleaded.

He was deeply sorry. And  immediately shameful tears of stealing filled his watery eyes. Madam Bisi was a good woman and she forgave him and warned him never to steal again. From that day, Tunde promised to be a good boy and he never stole again.

Moral of the Story:

Children should never steal from any bodyHowever, we should be sensitive enough to understand people’s condition before passing judgment on them. At times, it could be because of hunger that they are involved in such petty stealing, though there is no excuse for taking someone’s things. In fact such an act is worthy of death, but let’s always try to be human as much as we can like Madam Bisi who understood that the child probably was hungry that he took her Bean Cakes

Written by Chibuzor Stephen


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