Tortoise And His Boiling Pot Of Oil

The tortoise and his boiling pot of oil

Once upon a time, the tortoise lived with all the animals in the forest. There was a great famine through out the land. The famine was so severe that all the animals and their children starved. But in the land of the fishes, there was abundant food so that they often ate and made merry. One day, tortoise said to himself ” I will go to the land of the fishes and get some food for me and my children. If not we will all die of hunger”. But tortoise was a very cunning man, he knew that the fishes would not give him their food because their was famine, so he said, “I will tell them that I have something that will make them live for ever.” I will take a boiling pot of oil along with me, anybody that jumps over this boiling pot of oil will live for ever. So tortoise began his Journey with his boiling pot of oil. He travelled and travelled and travelled till he got to the land of the fishes. When he arrived, the king of the fishes welcomed him and gave him a big plate of porridge. Tortoise had not eaten porridge for seven years so his mouth watered.”I have something that will make all the fishes live for ever,” tortoise said to the king. who ever jumps over my boiling pot of oil will never die. So the next day, all the fishes gathered together and began to jump, one, after the other. The big fishes all jumped over the boiling pot of oil and tortoise congratulated them but the small ones could not jump over, they all fell into the boiling pot of oil and got fried. When tortoise saw that he had gotten enough fish he thanked the king and left.
As he was going home he thought and said “Other animals will percieve the aroma of my friend fishes and collect them from me” So tortoise brought a smelly leave and robbed it all over the pot so that other animals will not know that he was carrying fried fishes. When he arrived home, other animals saw him and a said “tortoise, what is this smelly thing you are carrying on your head”? “My mother is dead tortoise replied,” and a I am going to bury her. But they did not know that he was carrying fried delicious fishes on his head. So tortoise entered his house, locked the door and happily enjoyed the fish with all his children.
Moral of the story: Learn to be wise in time if difficulty.

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Written by Chibuzor Stephen

Author: Bluemagic