Our Quiet Evening of Love, Varis And Jay’s Romance

Our Quiet Evening of Love, Varis And Jay's Romance

🍎     Varis Tells Her Story     🍎

My eyes were slowly opened. I looked around and realised I’m still sucked in Jay’s home. I placed my hand on my neck and found out it was bandaged.

Did he try to heal me? I queried myself in utter confusion. Gosh! I can’t believe he is such a vampire. And he sucked me.

I provoked him and I always provoked him, because I thought he was a different man. I thought he was the best man but he wasn’t. He was rather a monster and after all what he did… I would still forgive him.

Again after this moment, I sat up and began to imaging to myself: ‘‘What if I become a vampire like him and suck people’s blood around.

“You won’t become a vampire unless you suck my blood”,he said from behind, coming out of the deem dark.

“How come…”,I trailed.. How did he read my thoughts so fast.

“I read minds, Varis. It’s a vampire thing”,he said and I remained quiet hugging my legs.

“Why didn’t you kill me? What were you scared of?”,I asked him.

“Because I realised I had to make you suffer till I burn you to death just like my parents.”

Gosh! his words hurt pretty bad. I felt hurt by his words.

I cried for a while, and slowly wiped my tears..

“You are going to win if you kill any innocent soul like me, Jay said.

“That’s enough! You are a monster just like your parents, too. I thought you were different ,too, but you are just a hypocrite… A killer like your parents!!”,he shouted.

My body shivered while goosebumps flowed on my skin.

“I know you don’t want to kill me Jay… I saw how you stopped sucking me the moment I held your shirt but since you are still insisting on taking your revenge then go ahead, if that will bring your parents back…Take me anywhere, and make me suffer like you promised”,I said softly getting up.

He stood close while I stared at his pale skin. And I looked into his purple-looking eyes. I thought it was green but now it’s purple..

He smiled and I knew he was reading my thoughts again.

“Say goodbye to your family because I’m taking you somewhere,’’ he said.

“I have no family.. just do anything you want.. And by the way, the inheritance is still yours,’’ I said softly and curled on the bed.

I don’t want to see him. I just turned to the other side..then I slowly heard him leave.

The next morning, my eyes were opened.. I was in a different room. I sat up.

‘’What’s happening, I protested.’’

I opened the window and realised that I didn’t know where I was, but it was a forest.

Has he brought me here to kill me? I questioned myself. There was standing before me a mysterious door in the forest. I turned the doorknob and opened the door, and then slowly tiptoed when I heard voices. Loud voices.
I tiptoed down the stairs and slowly I saw Jay standing with someone. It was a man in his thirties or forties. Well, I don’t know but what I knew he was old.

“You are going to kill her tonight. We will burn her alive”,the old man said and I covered my mouth in fear from gasping.

“No uncle, she is mine. I do to her anything I want. I don’t want her dead. I want her to suffer!”,Jay replied.

Oh, so that is his uncle,’’ I said and was shocked.

“I want her dead tonight!! My wife and my nieces would be there and you will burn her alive and if you don’t do it, I will do it myself. They are just humans, don’t feel pity.”,he answered.

‘‘Gosh! I’m going to die tonight.
I slowly tiptoed backwards, and then I heard his voice saying “I’m glad you heard everything. You don’t need to go to your room. The maid have prepared you breakfast.”

“Thank you very much but what’s the use of eating when I’m going to die tonight. I would rather starve”,I said softly and he frowned.

I quickly ran to my room. I hugged my legs while I cried.
I’m going to die at age 23.

I sat on the bed for a long time.. I was expecting him to come. To tell or assure me that I’m not going to die. I just wanted him or someone to tell me that he would protect me but none came.

I heard the door banged closed. His hair was messy and rough. His face looked sick.

“It’s time “,he said softly..

I nodded in agreement, knowing that my fate maybe was just decided right then. Getting up on feet, I stared into his eyes. His jaw got tightened. But to my surprise, he lifted my hands and carried me in his arms and then using his superhuman speed we were out into space. And again, I stared at him.

‘‘Well, He reads thoughts, that means I can talk to him through my thoughts, I divided means to reveal my love for him through my thoughts.

‘‘Jay!’’ He looked at me,‘‘Please I’m sorry for causing you pain and I’m sorry for my parents making your life miserable. ‘‘I’m ready to make things right, please don’t kill me. please .’’ I tried to apologize and to let him know I love him, but it appeared he couldn’t read my thoughts this time, or his mind was so much wrapped in having his revenge.

‘‘My eyes watered in tears and he wasn’t even looking at me.

We reached our final destination and I saw him wearing the necklace I saw on his mother’s neck.. Suddenly, his skin became just like a normal being. His uncle, the old man, and his family were already there.

“Finally the daughter of a monster is going to die”,he smiled.

But I noticed they were wearing the same necklace… it’s seemed they were protecting themselves from something but what could it be.

Vampires hate fire.. so that’s why they wore the necklace. I was tied to the tree and all I could do was stare at Jay.

His uncle spread some dried leaves across my legs around the tree. He gave Jay the matches and a gallon of gas, then he said, “Burn her.’’

I slowly bowed down.


   🍓     Jay Tells his story    🍓

“Burn her”,the old man said to me Jay. And all I could do was stare at her.

She was so innocent and my heart pierced in huge pain seeing her that way.

Her tears slowly fell and I just stood there.

“Burn her”,My uncle said again and I only kept quiet. I just stood there staring at her.

My nieces, Enjoa and Judis stared at me confusedly.

“If you can’t, I will”, he took the matche stick from my hand and I trapped his shoulder.

“She is mine”,I growl.

“I have no times for games Jay, he warned.”

I chuckled, “She is mine and you are not going to touch one strand of her hair.”

He laughed, “Since when did you become weak like humans.”

“Since I realised she is worth fighting for?”

“Stop me if you can,”he said, walking away from me and I heard no choice but to remove my necklace. I quickly jumped on him, pinning him to the floor ready to suck him with my fangs.

Then, I looked up as my aunt and nieces had showed their fangs too.
”Are they against me, too, Imagined and held back.

I released my uncle had immediately stood in front of Varis, to light her up in flames.

“No one is touching her… she is mine”,I growled.

Then,my uncle reluctantly walked away from Vira. “We will be back and I swear, I won’t spare her the next time we get her, he remarked”

Then they all moved away from me. And I heard Varis panting loudly.

“Are you okay?”, I asked and she nodded.

I removed the ropes and carried her in my arms as she and I quickly moved home..

Her face was buried in my shoulder. I was quiet, expecting her to say something but she didn’t. And we reached home none of us talked. It was like being at one’s enemies burial

Now, at home I placed her on the chair in the kitchen. I served her some juice. While she took a sip of it, she asked
,”Why did you do it?”

Immediately, I knelt in front of her and said softly, “Because I cared.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks, “I’m sorry “,she apologised.

I kissed her dimples and replied, “I’m going to protect you from now on, Varis”.

“Thank you,” She said softly and my thumb brushed her lips before crushing it with mine

Author: Bluemagic