Episode1, Before I Met Someone Like You

Episode1, Before I Met Someone Like You

πŸ’ž Before I Met Someone Like You πŸ’ž

I unbutton my dress shirt and shrug it down my arms. I toss it on the couch and undress myself. I saunter to the bathroom and switch on the shower. I stand under the shower with both my hands on the cold wall. The warm water rinse down my skin and all I could think is her. How I fucked up.
How I put her life in danger and how she makes my heart beat with just a smile.

I missed looking at her.
I missed staring at her deep brown eyes, and I missed waking up next to her. I can’t even think about anything else but her.
I badly wanted to stop calling her. Grant her the space she wanted but I can’t. My mind has never been at ease after she told me she wanted to stay away from me.

I clean myself and put on a t-shirt and sweats. I pick up a cigarette and light it. Someone knocks on my door and I order the person in. Reid. Most times he acts like my father, while other times he acts like my nagging boyfriend. But truth is, Reid’s a full straight man. He’s too annoying sometimes and I hate the way he looks at Ariel when no one’s watching. Like he liked her a lot.

” We need to talk.”

” Yeah. You probably need to explain to me why you chose to fuck Meghan.” I scoff and puff out the smoke.

I walk to my bedroom swimming pool and look into the water.

” She’s hot. And we never dated.”

” And she drugged you. Who even told you I’ve got an underground warehouse?”

He chuckles and shoves his hands in his pockets. I didn’t even tell Ariel.

“You claim we’re best friends and you had to lie about that. You couldn’t even tell me. Are we still friends?” He asks.

” Reid , who told you about it?”

” No one. I guessed it and it was even true. What type of friend are you ?”

I turn to look at him and puff the smoke in his face.

” You do some shitty mistakes sometimes. Things like what you did with Meghan are the common reasons I didn’t tell you. I built that has a back up for summit’s future. And you want me to tell you. So you could go out and party with girls like Meghan and let them get you drunk so you could spill out my fortunes. The fuck man. You would have done the same if you were in my shoes. I’m just being careful and not secretive. I have a reason for calling you my closest friend. And that’s because you’ve been for me since I was a boy.” I scoff and inhale the stick.

Reid sighs and come to stand next to me as we look into the water.

” I’m sorry about Meghan. We only fucked three times. I stopped when she started acting weird and pushy. She’s always corny.” Reid explains.

” And you decide not to tell me?”

” I have my reasons Reid. I can’t just tell you I fucked Meghan and she started acting corny.”

” That bitch had been working with Vladimir because I fired her ass. Who does that ?”

Except a desperate hoe.

” Are you gonna kill her ?” Reid asks.

I chuckle and walk to my table where the ashtray sits. I butt the cigarette on it and drop the already smoked stick. I stuff my hands in my pockets and puff out the smoke.

” Reid you know the rules.” I say and walk to his form.

” I know she fucked up because of jealousy and anger. You should spare her.”

” And why ? For wanting my girl dead or for working with an enemy who sabotaged me to the Chinese because of a fuckin drug deal.”

” Do you have feelings for her Reid?” I ask when he doesn’t answer.

” Of course not. She’s worked with you for a long time.”

” And that’s the reason she needs to die. She went too far. Ratted me out to Vladimir. Work with him and spied on me.”

” Boss.” Manny knocks on my door.

I look at Reid and walk to the door. I open it and step outside.

” Down the basement.” Manny says and I nod.

” Go, I’m coming.” He nods again and looks at Reid before leaving.

” Gray , there are other punishments you can give to her.” Reid says on our way to the basement.

” Punishments like what ?” I scoff.

” What if it’s Ariel. What if your so-called girl rat you out to the cops.”

Fuck , she won’t even do that. I can’t ever imagine hurting her. It’s like I’m hurting myself. I stop and glare at Reid.

” Why don’t you stay back and don’t follow me to the basement. You said you stopped fucking her , why are you being emotional?”

” Don’t forget she’s Jhene’s sister.”

” Like I give a fuck.” I say and climb down the stairs.

Meghan is tied to a chair with a tape plaster on her mouth. She try to fight the restrain but it’s fruitless. Sarai already passed out due to the sedative. I walk to Meghan’s front and remove the tape.

” Fuck Carter , what do you want from me ? Why did you have to tie up Sarai?”

” So you know each other ?” I ask and smirk at her.

She blinks her eyes and stays quiet. Damn , she just fucked up. I snap at Steve and he gives me a chair. I take it and sit in front of Meghan.

” Meghan. You worked with me for so long. Two years right? And then you abused Ariel and made Jhene tell her shit in Malibu. I fired you and you thought it’s nice to work with Vladimir to get back at me by hurting Ariel and also hurting me. You even had to drug Reid to get information about a fuckin underground Warehouse. Fuckin hoe. You’re so dumb. What makes you think I wouldn’t find out.”

She didn’t say a word. Her face and breathing do the talking. She’s about to panic.

” I bet I pay you a lot. You were a fuckin slut when I picked you up from the strip club. I gave you a job , made you and I fuckin paid you. Why would you think of betraying me?”

She twists her lips and bites her bottom lip before answering.” I did what I have to do.”

” Because you didn’t get me to sleep with you or because you didn’t get me to fall for you?”

She looks at me briefly and stares at Sarai before looking at me

” Oh, please. Jhene liked you a lot. Maybe I like you too. Before you employed me , I liked you. Let’s say I wanted you and luckily I get to work for you. I tried to hit on you because I wanted to be your queen. Your mafia queen. It hurts when you didn’t even blink at me. I was furious. And then some tiny little college student walked into your life and stole your heart. I was hurt. She made me loose my job. A job that changed my life , I was fuckin hurt. And then I thought of a way to hurt her. Yes , I drugged Reid , he told me you’ve got a warehouse. I talked to Vladimir and I told him the way to get at you after the Chinese deal gone wrong for him. I wanted her to suffer and then I told him you’ve got a girl. And we became partners with major objectives to hurt you both.”

” Because I refused your pussy. You thought you should work with someone who hates me to get at me. Now tell me what should I do to you.”

Her chest rise and falls as she tries to mask her scared state. I stand up and walk behind her. Her breath caught up her throat as I lean my hands on the armrest behind her.

” What should I do to you? You committed a really huge sin. You planted a mole in my business. Try to fuckin take me out and you had to rat me out because of your stupid reasons. If I shoot you , you ain’t gonna feel pain and I want you to feel a lot of pain.”

” You’re fuckin crazy Gray. I’m not sorry that I broke the OmertΓ  and I’m not sorry that I try to hurt your precious little girl.” She cackles.

” Okay.” I smirk and look up at Manny. He gives me a syringe and i take it. Meghan whimpers and shakes on her chair.

Sarai already wakes up. She looks at Meghan and begin sobbing. She looks so innocent and it’s a pity she’s gonna get hurt because Meghan had to manipulate her.

” I thought you weren’t scared.” I whisper to Meghan who won’t stop shuddering. I trail the needle on her cheek to her neck.

” This will make you bleed to death.” I tell her and she panics.

” Don’t fight it. It’s just bleeding but you’ll feel a little pain.” I chuckle and pierce the needle on her neck.

” No , please don’t.” She plea as I inject the fluid into her system.

I toss the empty needle on the ground and pat her cheek nicely. I walk to stand in front of her.

” Now take a deep breath. In less than thirty minutes , you’ll feel uneasy and you’ll start bleeding. I’m not sorry that I injected you.” I whisper and smile.

” You’re a such a fucker.” She screams.

I turn to walk to Sarai but stop. ” I lied by the way. The fluid was heroin. And you’re gonna die of an overdose anytime from now. Your family won’t suspect a thing. At least you won’t bleed but you’ll die.” I smile at her.

“No!!” She wails.” You can’t do this to me.” She screams and try to fight her shackles.

I turn around and meet eyes with Reid. He stands at a corner with his hands in his pockets.

” Once she pass out , get rid of her. I’ll handle Sarai later.” I say and look at Sarai before leaving.


Story by Goddy Francis

Author: Bluemagic