Crazy love

Crazy love


The cold air brush against my skin as I cuddle underneath the warm comforter. Last night was amazing and Arden is never tired.

We got married after a lot of months and it was his idea. Maybe I suck at being a wife because we were always traveling. I talked to Elna always and she got married to Derek before Arden and I . Akeelah and Dylan ? Hmm , they are a thing. Always on and off.

They always fight and it’s silly to watch them argue and after few minutes they get back in terms. Akeelah is really strong for him. According to both of them , they said they aren’t dating, just hanging out.

Arden doesn’t like kids that much and I’m glad. I got used to his family and they were nice. Some month back I visited home and it’s always the same. The bliss and the happy faces was heart warming. Rhea is the next ruler and it suits her. For some reasons , my conscience is always pricking me that I ran away from my responsibility because I wanted more to existence.

Himiko is gone and I’m absolutely glad. I ran into Shiloh before my wedding and he’s really better now. And to my surprise he attended the wedding.

I snap my eyes open and turn to look at the side, Arden wasn’t there. I groan internally and pull the blanket off my skin as I reach to grab my robe.

Tying the strap of the robe around my waist I made my way to the kitchen. I smell bacon and pancakes. I stand beside the door frame of the kitchen and smile at the sight behind the counter.

He’s never changing and he looks extremely perfect in his bare chest and sweatpants cooking breakfast. All I wanted was for him to come back to bed while I continue our last night episode. I guess that’s what couples do right ?

My eyes take in his features and just his sight is turning me on. I imagine running my fingers on that tone abs of his and moaning beneath him.

“Seriously. Are you done raping me with your eyes ?”  I snap out of my dirty thoughts and giggle.

His eyes meet mine as he smiled.

“Hey.” I smile and sit on the chair opposite Arden.

“Hey. You’re up early. I wanted to make you breakfast.” He smile genuinely as I nod.

“Thanks. This smell good.” I pick a bacon and shove it in my mouth.

“I can’t remember you cook.” I tease chewing the content.

“You know I don’t. I wanted to try something for my bride.” He says calmly making his way to where I’m sitting.

I feel heat around my body as he stood beside me.

“You look beautiful…” He whisper against my ear and that seems to cause another reaction from me. I can barely get tired of him.

“Thanks..”I breathe out slowly.

His hands grip around my waist and sit me on the counter. He stood in between my legs still gripping to my hips.

“I can’t get enough of you.” He whisper and kiss my neck. I let out a quiet whimper as he let loose of the strap holding together my robe.


“Yes.” He smirk pulling my robe down my shoulder smiling at my naked self in front of him.

“They are ready for me.” He look down at my protruding nipple as he gently toss my robe aside.

” I’m glad I’ve got you.” With every word he whisper, his lips adore my neck to my collarbone.

My eyes flutter shut as I lean on my hands backwards on the counter. He’s making me go insane again. His hands rub up on my thighs and then my butt.

“Fuck..” I cuss with my eyes still shut.

His lips collapse on mine as he kiss me. I remove my hands from the counter and wrap my hands around his neck as I kiss back. My hands trail down his chest and all I wanted was to rip his clothes out.

He break the intense kiss and kiss my chest. I throw my head back and melt into his warm kisses on my nipple. His other hand cup my breast with a gentle squeeze as he continue devouring my other nipple. I mutter unclear things as he continue his sinful touch on my body.

Just when I was about catching my breath , I felt his fingers sneak inside me. I gasp and bite my lip a little too hard. I open my eyes and meet his lustful eyes filled with desire and want. With his gentle finger ramming in and out of me , I mutter endlessly and moaning.

I don’t care about anything in the world right now except this man I’ve grown to call husband. I breathe to my relief as Arden caress my sweaty self.

“I don’t wanna loose you , not for anything.” He said and kiss me again.

“Me neither.” I smile and wrap my legs around his torso.

“Thanks.” I tell him pulling him closer to me with my legs.

“For everything.” I continue not breaking our stare.

He tuck my loose strands behind by ear and cup my cheek before kissing me.

“You’re mine and mine alone.”


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