Episode2, Before I met someone like you

Short love story

Today’s Sunday. After the beach visit yesterday , Alexa took us to a club last night. And they are all hungover including me. My head aches and it pounds. It feels like someone just run a marathon on my head. I groan and roll on the bed. I open my eyes and search for my phone. Hopefully I didn’t get a call from Gray but my parents called. I look at the time on my phone and it’s afternoon.

I sigh and get up. I search the nightstands for any aspirin, luckily I found it. I swallow it dry and saunter to the kitchen with only a single t-shirt that belongs to Gray as I pick up a bottle water. I never knew I brought his t-shirt along until last night. I sit on the stool and drop the bottle water. I’m so hungry and my head beats really badly. I pour cereal on a bowl with milk and i begin eating.

” Did you even brush your teeth ?” Alexa asks as she walks in. She rounds the counter and sits opposite me. She wears a Nike sport’s bra and rip shorts with the button out.

” I’ll do that later.” I shrug and eat. Alexa chuckles and pick up a spoon to eat from my cereal.

” Today’s Sunday and we’re leaving tomorrow. Let’s storm a party tonight. It’s gonna be fun.” She suggests.

I roll my eyes.

” I’m still suffering from last night’s hangover.”

” Oops. That wasn’t my fault. We wanted to loosen up a bit. I feel dehydrated right now.” She gulps the bottle water and sit it back.

” Alright. I’ll check my bag for a dress.” I say.

” Thought about your decision once you reach New York?”

” Maybe. Focus on my job at Sterling’s. Talk to my parents about Leslie and I don’t know…” I shrug.

” What about Gray?”

” I’m still on a break.”

” Ariel..”

” Don’t worry Alexa. I’ll be fine and I know what I’m doing. I miss him badly , yes but I need time to think. I really wanna live with his choices but I’m thinking about the circumstances that comes with it.”

Alexa laughs:” This is not the time to think. You were supposed to think of this decision the very first day he barged into your car or maybe the first day he pulled out a gun like you explained to me. That was the time you were supposed to make these decisions not now. You’re already deep into this. You’re in love with him and you can’t even fight it.”

I bite the inside of my cheek and take in a deep breath.

” I can’t spend my life running from criminals.”

” Pfft. It won’t last forever. I believe Vladimir is dead. So who’s gonna come after you ? No one.”

” People who hate Gray. People who are jealous of him. People who wants him down. You know what’s a mob Alexa. There are lots of rivals.”

” And yet they still live the way they want. Rivals doesn’t matter. They won’t come after you. They won’t dare. No one starts a war with Gray. They end up loosing everything , except you don’t know the man you’re dating.”

” What about Cage?”

” Cage ?” She blinks her eyes and cross her arms.” What happened to De Luca’s son ?”

” I don’t know. Maybe rivals.”

” Cage isn’t a bad person honey. He would never hurt you because of Gray. So forget about Cage.”

I sigh and nod.

” What’s for breakfast ?” Brandon asks as he walks in.

Alexa motions to the cereal. I smile and chuckle.

” I’m hungry as fuck. My head pounds.” Piper says as she walks in.

” We should order for food.” Brandon says and looks at Piper. ” Miss refreshments and food.”

We grin and smile at Piper. She rolls her eyes and pick up her phone.

” Alexa said we’re partying tonight.” I tell them.

” I’m in..” Piper squeaks with her phone pressed against her ears.

Brandon rolls his eyes and pick up the cereal and a bowl. He sits next to Alexa as Piper returns.

” Damn. I just order taco Bell.” She says and pick up a spoon to join Brandon.


Alexa parks the car in front of the club as we step out of the car.

“This is one of the best clubs in Miami.” She says and starts walking. I look at the parking lot and it’s covered with expensive vehicles.

We step on the club as the loud music attacks my ears. I look around and every corner is covered with leather seats and wealthy men. We find a seat and we sit down. I look around the club for Nick or maybe Toni and Spencer. But there’s no one.

” I’ll go get the drinks.” Brandon says and stands up.

” Have you been here before?” I ask Alexa loudly because of the music. She sways to the rock music and nods.

” You travel a lot.” Piper compliments loudly.

” I’m a freak , I get that a lot.” She giggles.

Brandon returns with shots and a bottle of vodka including three glasses of cocktails. We pick up the shots and throw our heads back to chug down the shots. The liquid burns my throat as I swallow. I pick up a glass of cocktail while the others get wasted on the vodka. I sip slowly and zone out of their conversation as i scan the club. I see Nick. I bet he smirks at me from where he’s sitting with two girls.

We drink and I’m already tipsy. Piper drags us to the dance floor and we dance. We giggles and dance for a long time. I excuse the guys and saunter to the bar. I sit on the stool and lean on the counter. Being drunk is so annoying.

” Fancy meeting you here.” A familiar voice says beside me. I turn to my right and I’m staring at these familiar green orbs.

” Cage.”

” Hi. What are you doing in Miami?”

I sigh and remembered what Alexa said. I wanted to move away from him but i remembered she said Cage isn’t the enemy.

” Vacation.” I reply.

He smiles and orders the attention of the bartender.

” What do you want to drink ?”

” Um…” I sigh and finally answer.”cocktail will do.”

” Just a shot will do for me.” Cage tells him.

The bartender nods and leaves.

” You look beautiful.” He turns around to look at me.

” Thanks. Can I ask a question?”

” Sure.”

” Our first meeting, you said you were looking for me.”

He smirks and nods.” You look familiar.” He says vaguely.

” Seriously.. ” I chuckle. The bartender comes back and give us our drinks.

” Why’s Gray not with you ? I saw his men around the club.”

” Like I said I’m on vacation with my friends.” I say and sip my drink after disposing the Lemon from the rim.

” And I heard that.”

I roll my eyes. The air feels thick and I feel uneasy again. I take out the straw and gulp the drink.

” You’re gonna get drunk , Ariel. You need water?” Cage asks with concern.

” No I’m fine. I’m just gonna go back to my friends.” I turn around to look for my friends. Alexa sits with a guy and i couldn’t see Nick except Spencer or whatever. Piper’s flirting with a guy and she’s drunk. I can’t see Brandon. A guy with a black jacket and jeans walks into the club.

Oh not just a guy. Another guy follows. And another guy follows. Now they are three. All with black jackets.

” Fuck.” I hear Cage mutters.

” What!” I ask above the music.

Cage look alerted all of a sudden. I look back at the party as one of  this strangers pulls out a gun and shoot Spencer. That was all it took for the atmosphere to change. The crowds wails and I don’t know i stop thinking. This stranger turns swiftly and our eyes meet.

” Ariel , down now.” Cage orders and drag me down.

Bullets flies to my direction as i panic. What do they want ? Why are they aiming at me. The glasses and bottles at the bar shattered as people screams. At every bullet that’s shot , this strangers approach Cage and i. Nick and Toni shoot back at this strangers and it was deadly to watch. Cage hold tight to my arm and look at me assuringly. Why’s he acting like he knows me or something.

” Come on. Let’s get you to safety.”

” No.” I whimper and look at Nick. He  looks busy because they won’t stop ducking and shooting at each other. Nick is already bleeding on his arm as he winces.

I can’t find my voice. I can’t even see properly. Everything’s blurry and the atmosphere is different as people wail and scream. Blood and bodies fill the ground and I can’t see my friends.

Before I could decipher what I’m doing , I’m already leaving the club with Cage.

Story By Goddy Francis


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