Nikk, loving you all my life

Short love story ‘Nikk, loving you all my life’

Nelly~ Tells Her Story~

My heart was full of joy as tears rolled down my eyes. My Nikk really made it all through.
“Yes, doctor can we see him? I asked.

“He is resting for a while. ”You can visit him after four hours, give him some time”.   More Short love stories?

“okay”, I replied as I breathed hard and I turned head to look at my left before I saw Nikk’s family. They were just staring at me like the owl.  And it felt like they had something to tell me, maybe one of those stories about my son.

“Thank you,’’ Mr Roberts moved closer and whispered into my ear. “it’s okay, I’m so sorry for all what we did to you.”

“I understand you. You were trying to protect him”, I said sadly and they all nodded.

Then, again Mrs Roberts moved closer to me as she removed a trail behind my ear. “You are a good girl and you just made us proud of you,’’ she said. ‘‘You took care of my son and we all thought he will surely regret his decision about marrying you but I now realised what he sees in you. You are just an eighteen years old girl, but you are a woman within..

“Hmm, seriously.  So, you guys approve of our marriage?”

“Yes of course we do, they both answered at the same time.”

Beaming with joy I smiled and said, “Thank you so much. ‘‘You just don’t know how much happy you’
have made me today.’’ I hugged Mrs Roberts as she hugged me back.

“Oh, yes. I have to go home and  take a shower,” I quietly excused myself from them.
“Okay, go ahead we will stay here.”
I rushed home as l took a hot shower. I miss him already.
He used to bath me everyday, and when I always try to stop him he would say it was his responsibility to bath me. But today I’m here alone bathing myself, with the room empty like a cemetery.
I moved to my bed as I wore my night clothes…I saw him everywhere and I knew I missed him. Moving around the house up and down, trying to prepare something for myself but I bet I wasn’t hungry. Then, I took a glass of wine and
saw a piece of paper on the counter and opened it, it read, ” Please eat something for my sake and for our baby. I love you”
Wow, that is wonderful, I smiled.
He knew me so well.
I stood up and started preparing some meals…
I ate two or three morsel of food and returned back to the hospital. Mr. Roberts (Nikk’s parents)family were still there at the hospital, but almost just exhausted.

I tapped Mr Roberts and he looked at me sleepily. “I’m back. ‘‘why don’t you rest at the nearest hotel and come back tomorrow, I advised.’’

‘‘Okay”,he said as they slowly stood up and left for one gremas hotel along the busy road that led to the city’s tower. I moved into the Nikk’s ward, his private ward in hospital.

He was pale and handsome. His hair was wild and his lips were parted a bit. Then I moved closer as l pictured his face. He was weak and helpless. ‘‘The heart that used to love me,  now that heart is being replaced by another,’’ this was my thoughts. ‘‘What if he gets up and act as if he doesn’t know me. What if he gets up and will not love me anymore . I should stop thinking about this mess.’’

I observed him for hours as his eyes were closed. I was tired and sleepy, so I decided to sleep beside him since the bed for him was a little big for the two of us. ‘‘ hum, hum, hum shortly I heard a little cough and I woke up.
He is waking up… He opened his eyes and stared at me.
I smiled at him, “Nikk it is me.’’   ’’Can you hear me..Do you want me to call the doctor.”, I moved close.
Our noses were only inches apart.
He raised his hands and touched my cheeks as he stared at me.

“I know you”,he said softly and  I remained quiet

“You were my happiness when I was weak”, He continued.

‘‘Oh, God this not happening, I struggled with my imagination within me. ‘‘He is going to break up with me since he has the new heart. I miss you Nikk , and your new heart just beats for you the same way as the old heart. I love you Nikk.”
I cut off his tirade by crushing my lips on his… He opened up slightly and I kiss him slowly.
“I love you Nikk and I miss you, too, he said. “Oh, no. it hurts to be weak. I can’t even touch you, and do you how torturous it is to me?”

‘I giggled, “the moment we go home you can do anything with me.”

He chuckled, “Yea right”

My fear was not realised, Nikk’s heart surgery did not affect his love for me. I thought he was no longer going to recognize me as the woman he once could kill for…So much love, love you Nikk.. Though your physical heart was changed through surgery,  yet your soul and your true love for me remained the same.


Never be in a hurry to conclude about anything, especially about the love someone has for you. ‘‘Do not be afraid; our fate cannot be taken from us; it is a gift,’’ Dante Alighieri.

In this short love story, we can see that Nelly’s fear that Nikk was going to forget her after his heart surgery was not real.

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