Why I Love Bad Boys, Janny

Short love story, the why I love bad boys

❤Janny Tells her Story❤️
Thanks to the good heavens,
life is  going great. Janny’s parents now stay at home more often. Cieg is finally happy with Janny and Lisa. However, Janny’s sister, cayota, might be a big influence on Janny; so much that at least she would stop thinking about Harvil all the time.

One day, in the quiet morning Janny was on her way to go see Harvil, when she eventually met him at the city tower. This was the third time, he would ask her out on a date; and she was this time thinking this would be the one where he asked her to be his girlfriend.
He was the man she told her friend Cieg about and the guy her brother, Zion had threatened to tell their Dad about their secret affairs.

Now, they both arrived at Harvil’s apartment. It was cool and comforting. The serenity of beauty, with the sort of pleasant smell of roses any woman would appreciate.
Gently, he opened the door and she lifted the curtains, with her face full of smiles, immediately.

“What are am I doing here!..She strangely asked Harvil.

“What? You just know my home today. Oh, no, no! Don’t tell me you’re mad at me right now, Janny.

“Mad at you!…No! I simply just don’t understand why you have to bring me into your apartment on our first date, she exclaimed .

“Harvil, we are supposed to be at one of the eateries in town. Moreover, I’m not your girlfriend, so why did you bring me in here?’’

“My parents and I have reached an agreement that I should find a wife. So, I brought in to see if you might help as friend.

“What!. “Are you kidding me? I just met you a few months later and now you’re talking about marriage, Harvil.

”No, I’m serious Janny. I know we barely know each other, but I just wanna marry..No time for jokes, believe me sincerely.’’

“You would be crazy Harvil if you thought I would believe you, I don’t trust you.’’

“I know you have no reason to believe me Janny, but are you willing to reject my genuine marriage proposal just because you feel you don’t trust me?’’ He asked as he stared into her eyes. ‘’I love you Janny, and I have kept this mind for long, to tell you how much I love you but have had not the opportunity until now.

“Oh, my world! His eyes were so charming…I couldn’t resist the lust.

“Okay, Harvil,’’ she said ‘‘ why should I trust you?’’ what if you’re lying?.’’

‘‘No, I’m not lying, I love you yes I truly do, he assured.

Janny having being emotionally attracted to Harvil,  tears of love flowed from her cheeks down to her neck and to her chest.  She felt loved and assured, but somehow wishing Harvil was real because this was was not the first time she would hear such word of love but not of marriage.

The bad boy’s strategy, Harvil having given all of the hope she could wish for, a few minutes later, had his hand all around her as he unclipped her bra, sucking on her bare skin behind me. She screamed and screamed with pleasure, but seemed mean at the time. ‘‘Alright babe, you know I love you, he said. ‘‘Don’t scream, relax it is just gonna feel all good. I got you.’’

Then, she felt more assured of his love and relaxed her body in the unseen hope they will marry afterwards. He licked her body from the toe, up her knee and back up to her neck, kissing her harshly, sucking and biting as she sobbed.

“Don’t act like you’re not enjoying it,’’ Harvil said, trying to leave love bites

“You’re disgusting! She yelled trying to break free from the foreplay, the  moment of such pleasure, struggling and struggling she could not. It  was bittersweet battle with  Harvil for her

“It won’t be disgusting when I’m inside you, he said smirking as his lips were so close to hers and his pants unzipped .

“Harvil Please, Janny said  crying with some tears of joy . It felt like it was her first experience, not it was not.. She was always a bad girl too.

“We could have done this the easy way but you just had to be so holy…He said mocking as he turned Janny face to kiss her.

He forced his tongue inside her as his hands reached up to grab my boobs, squeezing lightly as her tears flowed freely now.

“Harvil please, please, please!…don’t …She stuttered and begged him, shaking as he broke the kiss.

“Gosh you’re so hot…He said staring at her in just her unclipped bra.

“Let’s get that off, you shall wee, e said reaching for the straps as Janny started shaking helplessly, wringing and shaking, trying to get his hands of her.

“Stay still bitch!..He yelled hitting across the face as she sobbed hard.

Janny could get away, but she couldn’t do anything. He had convinced her of marriage, and this took away her senses until they both were done with the seasonal pleasure. Now, he was done with the plan. After all Janny the holy girl, like other girls Harvil had played , is dispensable.. She was not the first and would not be the last he was gonna promise marriage and not keep to it, but to just get laid with them.

Moral of the Story:

Ladies don’t be too quick to assume that a man’s promise of marriage implies true love and  his resolution to settle down in a serious relationship with you.
However, there are good men out there who mean their words and would never deceive you, but there also many desperate men, womanizers who can fool you with idea of marriage if they perceive you to be swayed by such thought or promise.

Author: Bluemagic