The Imperfect Me with Eugene

The imperfect me with Eugen, short love story

The next morning, I found her asleep in my arms. Her hair across my chest and she was naked beneath me.

I observed as her breathed slowly. She looks beautiful. Last night, however, was the best night of my life.
After our love making, I changed the sheets. And after apologising to her, we moved into the bathroom as I wash her body.

She didn’t look or talk. I was the only one who did the talking. I, actually apologised to her for messing up and being a fool always.

We were done bathing, and I carried her in my arms as she hid her face in the crook of my neck.

We cuddled and we slept off.

I don’t know but I don’t feel guilty for what I did. Actually Isha, I know she need to be forced before she does something.

She had been boyish all her life, but I’m ready to make things right. I love her and she doesn’t know how much.

I just wanted to talk to her if maybe she had a change of mind concerning leaving me. I have always forced her against her will but now I’m ready to know what’s it, she is doing.

I looked at her and I saw her eye lids shaking.

She is awake. And I know it.

My finger slowly drew circles on her back as she burst out laughing. She was …. and I like  that.

“Good morning”,I whispered closely into her ear.

“Good morning yourself”,She answered me _ and getting up but I pulled her closer.

“We need to talk Isha”

“Okay..”,she whispered.

“I know I have messed up by forcing you against your will, but in all honesty I don’t regret it. I love you so much Isha, but I don’t know why you pushed me off”

“I’m sorry”

“It’s okay but since I’m forcing you against your will. You at liberty to leave if you want, Isha. And I won’t blame you”

“You want me to leave?”

“Yes if that’s what you want”

She sealed my lips with a kiss.

“I love you Eugene and I’m ready to be yours and make babies with you and to be with you forever”

She flipped me over being on top of me.


“Yes Eugene. I’m not going anywhere.’’
Last night was super amazing,’’ I said ,as her hands were on my cheeks.

My heart ran painfully fast and I kissed her.

“I’m sorry baby but make love to me again”,she said and I pulled her in my arms and made love to her.

Then, mom invited us to have breakfast with her. This time, Lichen and her husband were seated at the the same table, too. And, if I could guess perfectly, I would say, ‘It took Teshi’s love to sit there. I mean where Lichen’s husband used to sit.

As we sat by the table we only talked about Isha.

The imperfect me with Eugene, Now the conversation Began about Isha

“So tell me Isha, you woman of great wonders and I learnt you love skating”

“Yes.. I do ma”,she answered and squeezed my hands under the table. I knew she was nervous.

“I have been thinking if we could gather all the youth and maybe build up a skate park where there could be competitions. I’m sure it will interest you but I would be very much glad if you helped me”

She looked at me and grinned. I was surprised, my mom actually did this for her.

“It’s a pleasure ma. I will be glad to help”

“Thank you so much”,She said while everyone smiled.

Lichen and her husband were whispering something closely to each other while I stared confusedly at the both of them.

Then I saw Teshi walking in the room.

“What’s going on here?”,she asked and looked askance at Isha.

“As you can see it’s a family reunion”,Mrs Rushil said.

“Family reunion? What do you mean?”

“I mean Isha is now part of the family and we are celebrating this”

“What about me?”,she curiously asked.

“You? I can’t actually let my son marry a whore like you when he had found his perfect match”

Everyone at the table started laughing.

“Your cup is full Teshi. You think I won’t find out your secret but trust girl, I’m way aware sister than you are. Now get out!”,My mom stood up pushing her out.

I stared at Isha and she smiled at me.

I looked at her and kissed her dimples.
In the evening, jus at 10pm, everyone was already asleep, I guess.

We decided to stay at mom’s mansion. And as usual,she was in my shirt. The room was dim as I dragged her to the kitchen.

I carried her off her feet and placed her on the cabinet. She giggled and, I pulled her off the shirt from her skin revealing her bra and panties.

I gave her a lingering kiss in her lips and pulled away taking some vanilla ice cream  from the fridge; and took a spoonful of it and licked it from the spoon.

I moved closer to her and I fed her with it as she kissed me greedily. To be honest _it just felt too intimate.

We continued doing that then the lights were on.

“Shit.. Fuck! You guys should get back into your room please, ’’ Lichen shouted.

However, I laughed and Isha laughed hiding her face in my chest.

Then gently carrying her in my arms as we moved to the bedroom, I placed her on the bed, and w both slept on the bed as I kissed her.

“I was thinking if we get married again. Not to force you this time but on your own will”

“I thought you will never ask”,she said surprisingly.

“I love you Isha”

“Me too baby”

Crazily lost in the moment, suck her neck as she moan beneath me.


Author: Bluemagic