The Kitchen Pot | Children short story with moral lessons

The kitchen pot

The Kitchen Pot, short story for kids

Ratz grew up from a toddler into a winsome, intelligent kid. He had two siblings,  Marta and Curtis. By age range, Curtis was the eldest boy in the family of Mr Sam and was followed by Ratz, while Marta was the only daughter and the youngest of them.

   Ratz was always on top of his class at school, and his parents Loved him and were proud of him more than his siblings. However, Ratz, because of his academic success, was very stubborn and arrogant to Curtis, his elder brother.

Curtis was a gracious and quite attractive kid whose look would appeal to any heart, but he was not  much intelligent as Ratz at school. He loved food so much and  was especially partial to eggs, and would be around the kitchen eating, washing up dishes, and at most times, cleaning up after meals at the dining room, while Ratz would  go into his little library to read and do his homework. ‘‘I want to work hard at school and become a lawyer When I Grow Up,’’ Ratz told his father one day during meal.

 ‘‘Yes, my son! That’s why your Mum and I are very proud of you. ‘‘But we were thinking you might like to become a medical doctor when you grow up, but, all the same, we will be proud to have a lawyer, too.’’ 

Ratz grinned and grinned, his father had just accepted his wish.

It was Curtis’s worst time of questioning by his mother, The Kitchen Pot, short story for kids,

‘‘ Now, tell us,’’ Mrs Sam, Curtis’ mother asked him, ‘‘what would you like to become when you grow up?

Ratz, then having heard the question asked Curtis by their mother, Mrs Sam, he was so happy, gleefully shaking his head and laughing at Curtis as they had expected his answer was going to be funny or rather stupid as he was not serious at school.

‘‘Ok, Dad and Mum,’’ Curtis confidently told his parents, ‘‘ I’m going to become an employer of doctors and lawyers when I grow up.’’

   When  Ratz and their parents heard Curtis’s reply, it did not make sense and sounded ridiculous to them, and  they all began to laugh at him: ‘‘Oh, kitchen pot,’’ Ratz called Curtis and said, ‘‘ how are you gonna employ a lawyer when you ain’t smart and make low grades at school? I think, you should go be a garbage man because that’s what fits you.’’

     Immediately, Curtis broke down emotionally because of Ratz’s mockery, and he felt so ashamed to talk. He looked sidelong at his both parents, Mr Sam and Mrs Sam, and they were not even looking at him and had turned down their faces in disappointment at him.

Curtis cried and cried, seeing that they ( his parents and sibling, save Marta) did not believe in him and had said he had chosen to be a disgrace to the family, even as a first son; and since after that day Curtis beat his chest and made up his mind that he was going to surprise them with the kind of great man whom he would become, and would no longer be known as the kitchen pot.

    Now, after many years later, Ratz  had finished college and was studying law at Clifford University, while Curtis  dropped out of college because he could not continue with low grades and joined a candy company sales department in the Crotchen neighborhood; and he was soon known as ‘The Candyman’ in the entire Street afterwards.

Three years later while Ratz was yet to complete  his law program at Clifford University, Curtis had already by sheer hard work saved some money that was  considered enough for him  to get the necessary papers to set up his own candy company. Hence, in the next  1-year and 6-months, Curtis had set up his own factory; and was preparing to go into real estate to invest some parts of his money, and also he had already employed about 500 workers in various departments of his company within the first branch before expanding to other branches.

He had become the family’s breadwinner, now sponsoring Ratz’s studies, even as his parents’ income could no longer see him through school; and he promised his parents that he would employee Ratz in his company as his legal adviser soon as he was done with his program at the law school: ‘‘Mum and Dad,’’ Curtis spoke to  his parents, ‘‘now I have quite understood  what the kitchen pot mean to every home: ‘‘ with the kitchen pot food will be prepared,  and that I think is what makes it more important than other utensils because they can’t be placed on the fire as much long as the kitchen pot pass through fire. ‘‘/It is true that I have suffered on the Street station alone, but I shall have people who are educated like my brother working for me, and as my brother if graduated I will employ him and he shall be paid higher than every worker in my company.

‘‘Thank you my son,’’ Mr and Mrs Sam said, ‘‘ we are proud of you and are grateful that you have promised to give your brother such a great opportunity. ’’


That is the story of the kitchen pot, a short story for kids. In the story you will learn great things as a kid, knowing when it is right to be serious with your education, how to respect your elders and love your siblings.

Moral Lesson: Do not disrespect, Condemn,or hate any of  your siblings for not being much smart as you. 

Everyone is perfect, we are all good because we don’t have the same abilities and everyone is destined and gifted differently.

Author: Bluemagic