The scariest Haunted House: A short spine-tingling story

The Scariest Haunted house: A Short Spine-tingling story| The scariest story

Since we moved into this new neighborhood, I discovered that whenever I turn on the shower faucet in my bathroom, I would start hearing voices coming from the water drain on the bathroom floor.

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At first, I thought it was just the sound of water splashing on the floor and flushing down the drain but soon I noticed there was more to this; the sounds noisily echoed like the mumbling of a troop of baboons. At one time I heard words such as this, “why does this urchin trouble us.”

I was deeply troubled because it was a quiet house for people who wanted so much peace, and it was near the woods. Therefore, nobody lived within or underneath our apartment, so I one day called mother’s attention to this mystery. But mother assumed I was suffering PTSD due to Father’s recent passing on to glory and the fact that we had to move to a new place to rid ourselves of the pit of sorrow we have long burrowed in; and  yes, I was hurt really bad because my connection with Father was as one between a mosquito and human blood.

Remembering How much I loved Father while he lived, and the Night mother left for a midnight prayer meetingThe Scariest Haunted house Short Pine-tingling story

Not parasitic but I needed Father too badly. He was my inspiration, he thought me everything I knew, so on his shocking demise I felt like something had left the very firmament of my being. Given that, I was certain that I hear voices from the water drain. I didn’t know how to convince Mother so I decided to stop using the faucet. I would birth and wash in the visitor’s bathroom.

One Saturday morning, Mother went to a midnight prayer meeting the previous night and she was yet to be back, I was left alone in the house with Little Bro when something suddenly woke me up as early as 5AM. With sleep in my eyes, I sluggishly walked to the sitting room for some reason I still could not figure out.

Now while approaching, there I was standing at the hallway that connects the sitting room and the inner rooms when I heard the voice of Little Bro discussing in the dinning. I moved in a bit closer to see who he was talking with and to my surprise, he was in a conference suspended in the thin air. There was no one there yet Little Bro was talking and flexing this monologue. I was a bit confused, I was torn between believing that I was in confusion and still enjoying the sleep that coated my eyelids.

 The mysterious experience I had that night, The scariest Haunted house short spine-tingling story

Shortly, in a twinkle of an eye, the sleep disappeared when I heard an old eerie voice tell Little Bro,  “it’s time I leave you. Sunrise is upon us.” I looked around the room for whence this voice came from and I saw nothing just Little Bro. I waited for some minutes before I walked out and asked Little Bro, ‘‘where is your company? ’’ And  he said, ‘‘ there, pointing me to the direction which led straight back into the hallway.

I hurried into the hallway, there was nothing, but Little Bro was convinced that whoever it was he had a conversation with, went that direction. I ransacked the whole house for this anonymous and to no avail, then I gave up.

Few days later, Mother’s shower heater damaged during house renovation so she opted to bath in my shower which I gladly allowed her since I wasn’t using mine for quite some time. Some minutes after Mother had stepped in and began using my bathroom, I was out in the sitting room when I heard a scream from my room. I scurried to my room and found Mother panting like one who climbed the Himalayas, a hand print on her ankle and it appeared as if it had burnt her skin, as it was reddish, burn thanks to her fair complexion.

Then, standing with her, as I folded my arms, I inquired what happened and Mother says that something or rather a hand grabbed her ankle from beneath the water drain. I was confounded, thinking to myself:  ‘‘I know I heard voices but a hand reaching out? No! this is an utter mystery which I must unravel.’’

What We Discovered In The House, The Scariest Haunted House Short Spine-tingling Story

The next day, I called a plumber to work on the floor water drain. The plumber arrived, everything was set and digging commenced. As work was in progress, floor tiles broken and water drain removed; the Plumber called my attention to a large wooden door underneath the floor. But what lay underneath this wooden platform was the shock of the year; a staircase that led right down to a tomb. The stench of dead rats and snakes, two boxful of toys and rotten carcasses filled the room. Two men sat at the corner of the tomb, their skin had completely peeled off; they probably were in the manner of a wraith and they mumbled , “Leave us to rest in peace.” Goosebumps, the plumber was not scared, so I blacked out immediately.

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